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Having trouble locating a good up to date DIY formula

I'm looking to swap the wax out in a lamp I have, and I'm interested in doing the wax and clear liquid from scratch. Is there a good up to date DIY formula for both the wax and the liquid? I've found some really good resources here, but I seem to have a lot of trouble finding consistent all around guides for doing a lamp from scratch, wax and all.

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Are you then using salt to tune in the balance? I thought that I read in here that there is another ingredient to sub for salt?

My mix that I have ran pretty successfully is lab grade De-ionized water / Ethylene Glycol 70/30%

Note: im not using your typical light bulb for the heat source....so I'm sure that my balance would not be the same.

My goo is Gulf wax, perc brake clean 66/33% plus white wax dye. About 4-5 drops of soap and 5-7 tablespoons of salt.

Now after reading in here just ordered some liquid paraffin, SLS and going to try propelyne glycol. Would love to get a long term stable mix.


Diin said:

I'm also interested in making some wax. Just wondering what brand of brake fluid you used? Does it matter if its chlorinated or not? 

Ant Bee said:

I've got a very good formula going- modified from another user here.  I just don't have microcrystalline yet.  But it looks great and flows just like the real thing.

WAX Ingredients (by weight)

1 Parts Liquid Paraffin (clear lamp oil)
6 Parts Paraffin Wax

5 Parts Perc (Non-flammable Brake Cleaner)

For the liquid:
70% Distilled water

30% Propelyne Glycol (I got mine from a farm & feed store, its sold as an additive to cattle feed)

Clear Dish Soap with as few additives as possible.  Just a few drops, then adjust based on how it flows.  More = stringier flow, less = tighter spheres.

If your liquid turns cloudy, it's the soap and you need to find another kind.  I ordered 8 pounds of Sodium Laurel Sulfate from the web, which is the pure ingredient I'm looking for as a surfactant.

Good luck!

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