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I ordered a mini goo kit about 2 weeks ago with a few extra dyes and it just arrived. If I had been thinking, I would have ordered the big one. Ugh

Anyway when it arrived the dye was either not sealed or  it just melted out and I had a bag full of dye. I have called and emailed pictures but haven't heard back.  BTW the goo bottle isn't labeled and I'm not really sure if its the large or small bottle of goo. I've seen other discussion boards showing all their supplies and it's hard to tell if this bottle is the big one or the little one.

It also didn't come with any instructions. 

By my calculations I can do two 52oz and one 20 oz with a small bottle of goo.

I don't really want to just guess on how much goo to put in. 

Can anyone help tell me how many ounces of goo to put in a 52oz globe?

Help is greatly appreciated!

  1. Hope you are all javhav a great day!

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I appreciate all your help Dennis. I dumped out and cleaned one of my coachlites this morning and it's working great now. The thing is after they had started sticking I turned them off and the next day gave them some space between globes. All the goo that had stuck to the sides previously slid down but now I have greasey looking marks running down the globes. Some are worse than others. I'll probably redo all of them but my question was, will the streaks going down the globes get worse if I were to dye the goo without dumping it out and cleaning it? Basically will the dye attach to the streaks? I have one particular lamp that stuck just a little bit and I've ran it twice now and it hasn't stuck again since I gave it more room on the table. Actually none of them have been sticking after I gave them more room but I'm super OCD about things.

Dennis Bachetti said:

If the goo is sticking to the glass then you really need to start over. When it sticks it's usually because the glass wasn't clean enough and the surfactant didn't last to keep the barrier of slickness in laymans terms. You need to To start over . REALLY CLEAN bottles out good with hot water, dish soap and and use a bottle brush and get every inch . I even use Krudkutter spray with a brush and hot water and then the soap . Rinse and make sure you spray your bottle with the surfactant solution with the coil in the bottle and move it around to get it evenly coated dump the excess and fill your bottle with the goo. After it sets top off with your surfactant water solution . Hope this helps . Actually I had to do the same thing a couple of times and found the answers here in the forums. Unfortunately for me it was a 5' tall tube! There's a lot of knowledgeable people here!  Check out the Archives. 

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