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I seem to recall that there is a formula for figuring out the electrical draw for each lamp...  I know that I know what it is, but my brain bucket is too full of other stuff right now for me to be able to find it.  (And I'm too lazy to search for it!)

We're finalizing our new house plans and I'm going to have the builder set aside three circuits and XX-number of outlets for the Lava Room.  The builder hasn't designated the electrician for the project yet, so I want to make sure we have enough moola added to the budget before they finalize the plans. 

If I end up displaying say 150 lamps (including the Colossus) and have a Mitsubishi AC unit installed, how much will I draw when I fire them ALL up?

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Wish we could. The builder is pretty negative about anything other than standard. We couldn't even convince them to install vinyl plank flooring because their subs "don't know how to install that." Really? Just watch one episode of HGTV for Pete's sake!

Oh for gods sake~!

Thats crazy

Your the one paying him-he works for you

Let him job it out, thats what he is supposed to do as a GC

(Although i prefer real wood). I had bad experience with laminate flooring

I know, right? We plan on having multiple big, hairy dogs in the house, so the laminate will be wonderful. I want a mastiff and hubby wants a yellow lab. Both she'd like the dickens!

I have cats (Well,. the crazy cat lady Im married to does) 

I REFUSE to have any carpeting in the next house

Wood and ceramic tile-period

And, it will have a PET DOOR!
My life is spent cleaning up after these felines, including barf, furbalz, temperamental intentional accidents, etc

No matter what you do, the carpet always stinks

Oh gross!  (No offense to the crazy cat lady)  I'm severely allergic to cats, can't even have them in the barn.  I get hives and can't breathe within minutes.  It's scary how fast and how severe the reaction is.  Can't imagine what would happen if one of those little batards licked me. 

And you're right, no matter what you do, the house smells like cat.  The crazy cat people down the street dry their SEVEN litter boxes out on the driveway and you can smell the cat smell from across the street.  (I can't imagine how many cats they have if they have to have seven litter boxes...  And they don't live in a big house.)  They also feed the feral cats around here.  I've seen up to six ferals just hanging around on their porch waiting to be fed.  And then the town wonders why we don't have any songbirds or bunnies... 

(Good to know too as I guess I can't buy any of your lamps!)

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