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Does anyone know the difference between Heritage Astro and Regular Astro  ?

Mathmos has replacement bottles for the Astro, but say "not suitable for

Heritage Astro".

I have a few 52oz lamps where the Astro bottle looks like it would fit.

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There appears to be a difference in the temp that the two models function at so they are recommending that the globes be run on certain bases.  I'm pretty sure those of us with dimmers will be able to figure out how to run the various globes on the various bases.

Agreed, I use dimmers when needed.

Just didn't know if there was a difference in

the bottle shape and volume.

No I'm pretty sure (97.95687854%) that they are the same size, it's a heat thing.  Any others out there wanna chime in?


Tod...the Heritage bottles overheat on a standard Astro base. 

The wax in my Heritage bottles is full of bubbles and grainy when they first get flowing, and takes hours to go smooth and silky.

I start them off on a standard base and let them flow and really heat up for an hour or so until the bubbles/grains disperse, then place them on the Heritage base.

A dimmer would be ideal with a US base, start them off on full power....

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