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Hey im mike, but you guys can call me Hiltz if you like (its what my pals call me and its my online handel) I am new here love the site, seeking some advise but I thought I would say hi in here.

Hi, whats going on over here?


Anyway you guys seem tight, I like it, ill see ya guys around, a little about me before I go. Im Hiltz, Im from Canada, I am on my 2nd lava lamp. And I enjoy Counter-Strike here is my Steam page.

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Cool, you're most welcome here as a fellow lava fan. Hope you solve your lava problemos soon dude!
I am near Toronto (about 2 hours away), thats cool they were filming there, it is definitely a cool city. Thanks for the welcome, I hope I get my issues solved too!
Hi welcome. hope you enjoy the goo site
Its a goo site,
*its a good site.

cheesy I know but you kinda laughed maybe just a little?
:) made me giggle too
Hello Mike. It's good to see a fellow Canuck on this site!

I was raised in Aurora Ontario, just north of TO. I now live way out west, in northern Alberta.


Aurora! I know there, we have alot of meat come in from there (I work as a meat cutter in a local store).

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