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I'm so excited, I think I have a good way to make a glitter lamp, I've posted a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xOt1Ge9etE&feature=g-crec-u) of the first prototype glitter fluid, and I'm really excited about perhaps finally having a way to make glitter fluid at home.  At first I was running into trouble with the mylar glitter sinking to the bottom and not flowing right, then I made the fluid too dense and all the glitter floated to the top of the solution.  So after ALOT of experimentation I got the density of the fluid right so the glitter barely sinks.   you can see in the video that as the fluid heats and starts convection it has no trouble carrying the glitter with it.  Soon I will have a 52oz globe filled with my prototype solution and 18" glitter.  I'll post videos for all to see.   Im keeping my fingers crossed...

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what recipe are you using?

Have you tried to find a paper cutter from garage sales or craigslist or an school closing auction?  that would probably get the job done quick and consistent size
Funky Dr. Gonzo said:

tinsel works perfect. It sinks down, when lamp is turned off and rising after about 5 minutes when i turned on the lamp. i will upload some pics when everything is perfectly done.

At the moment, i am playing around howto cut the tinsel down into small pieces like mathmos is doing it (about the size).

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