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**I hope I put this in the correct discussion. If not please let me know so I can fix it.

I'm aimlessly working on a heatless Lava Lamp. The one in particular I have been working on "does not" use alka seltzer or any other quick reaction. These look like a lava lamp, but in a bottle with blobs that create a almost hypnotizing effect. Once you take the bottle and swirl it around a few times the blobs all come together forming a beautiful swirl like effect that spins around and once it slows down the blobs can stretch and detach settling at the top/bottom of the bottle. It is absolutely the most beautiful sensory bottle I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, I am at a loss of "the unknown" chemical or product that is missing.

What am I doing wrong and not adding?

I have tried everything possible and it's still not right.

My go to recipe:

  • Fill bottle half full of distilled water

  • Add baby oil leaving 1/4 inch or more at top for glitter

  • Add the food coloring 3 drops

  • Add the glitter to your liking

  • Secure the lid, glue it shut and shake and swirl

The contents will blend, but they will slowly separate and create a really neat glittery look but nothing I am actually trying to accomplish.

Products I have used:

  • clear dish soap

  • clear Elmer's glue

  • baby oil

  • vegetable oil

  • acetone

  • Karo syrup

  • vinegar

  • distilled water

  • lots of sparkles/ fine glitter

  • food coloring

  • liquid pearl paint colors

*This pic I sent is what I am trying to accomplish.

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