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how many lamps have you bought at one time[whats the most]

here is our biggest score around 30 lamps from one seller..................including a giant and many boxed lamps....anybody bought more at one time?


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Yeah, some more details would be nice. How did it come about? Was it a great price too? Why did they get rid of it all?

Very nice catch. :)
we were at a flea market and mandy came over and said bring the bus over we need to load some lamps...
i said why cant we carry them?/?
she was like its alot of lamps.....and give me the emergency $100 in your wallet[i always carry a $100 bill in my wallet]
i had seen a century on the guys table and he wanted like 75.00 for it[he also had 28 lamps under a tarp in his trailer]he never told me about the others......
she bought them all....it was his personal collection...we still have most of them..........
we live in pennsylvania....lots of good stuff here but its getting harder to find....
2 big markets near us open this weekend......
Pics of the bus!
Pics of the bus!
Won't shut up 'til we see pictures of the bus!!
I bought 5 at one point in john lewis oxford street when they had loads of mathmos lamps that lite up the lighting department
Mine was last year, 7 lamps inc. 5 mathmos astrobabys/jets/telstars and 2 copper Hunters for just 50 pounds! a real bargain
My gosh what a haul!

How do you manage to score so many? By the way i love your VW Camper, a classic.
Thank you for the pictures! The bus is beyond cool! I almost bought one last summer, it was lemon yellow and white. I didn't get it and have regretted it ever since!
As far as lamps go, the most that I bought at once was 27. I had to pick them up in my hearse! What a haul!
Thanks again for the photos! It is very nicely restored (or is it original?) Either way... LOVE IT!

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