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I may have find a Colossus :-)

I'll need to pick it up by car.

How would you pack it to arrive safely at home?


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Doubt it i reckon the seller cant measure it properly or think its about 50 inches

Giving its distance I wouldn't gamble on it being a colsuses unless you really think it is and are willing to travel just for a grande.

Astralav said:

Yes I agree.

But seller listed it as a 50 inches lamp, so...

So maybe the seller couldn't or wouldn't take a picture of his lamp and pick this one thinking it looks the same.

Yes, it is a minimum 10 hours trip including return, so I must be sure it is for a colossus.

If it is a Grande up there, this trip may finish with a murder ;- )

I didn't mean the seller took a picture of another lamp himself, I said maybe he pick it up on the net because he didn't want or couldn't took a picture of his.

For an accident, I'd rather not having a lot of big sharp glass parts beside me.

It could be the difference between a car totalled, and a tomb.

I'm not taking this kind of risk.

James Reiche said:

Makes no sense that the seller would be able to take a picture of a Grande and not the Colossus that he is supposedly selling.


A crash would be dangerous no matter if you have a Colossus in your car or not.

The Colossus might survive in the front seat if you have an air bag in your car's dashboard. :)

I personally see no other way to transport a Giant/Grande and larger than to strap it in as your "passenger".  If the accident is going to be bad enough to crack a pressurized globe then shards of glass will be the least of your worries.  You can also wrap the globe in a blanket to minimize projectiles. 

I know the globe is 66cm large, but how tall is the globe alone?

I want to check if it goes upside in my trunk.

The Grande globe is 18 1/2 inches tall or somewhere around 46cm.


Astralav said:

I know the globe is 66cm large, but how tall is the globe alone?

I want to check if it goes upside in my trunk.

Thanks but I'm talking about a Colossus. :-)

The pic is a grande agreed.  Anyone who is selling something, and is too lazy or whatever to take a pic of the actual item, does not deserve the business.  I just went and measured my Colossus globe, and it's 33" (just the globe) give or take an inch.  No way that's going to fit in your trunk.  Not vertically anyway. If it will, that's one hell of a trunk!! lol...

I still maintain, seat belting him in the front seat will be fine.  Its over 100 lbs, and will sink down in the seat a fair bit just as a person would.  You don't worry about a passenger falling all over the place sitting in the seat next to you do you?  Although, it's a moot point if it is a grande.




Thanks Coyote

it is about 84cm! Yes that's tall indeed.

Anyone selling a Colossus at the price of an Astro deserve my business, even if too lazy to take a pic. :-)

But only if I'm sure the lamp he's selling is the one described on the add.

This is not the case yet, and I would give up if I don't get the pictures I asked him...

Wow!!  For that price, I'd pretty much pull it in a wagon home!!  I thought I got a good deal at $400!!  Here's hoping for you!!

Well, I finally got the seller on the phone, and she measured it: 27" :-(

Why not doing this before listing it as a 50" tall lamp on ebay???

Another "If it's too good to be true..."

The good side of this is I don't have to travel to UK by car, and anyway, I don't really have a room for a Colossus right now :-)

How could someone think that 27 inches is 50 inches? I bet her husband doesn't mind that she thinks things are larger than they really are. ;>) WINK ;>) WINK

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