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I might follow in some other footsteps here and give up on lava lamps for a while. Seems like everyone I get - it's junk, I have to filter it, it doesn't flow right or just doesn't flow at all. I have wasted more time and money fixing them, than enjoying them.

I have only 3 or 4 lamps that actually work. 2 are china lamps that I had to fix. One was filtered and one had to have the coil replaced. I have 2 midnight lamps that just work. The others are crap. I have lava lamps in boxes I have never even used - god only knows what they look like and if they work.

I am just really tired of throwing my money away on these things. They are cool and beautiful and all that, but not worth the headache. Either the lamp is china junk, the midnights/older lamps are at the end of their lives or you pay out the arse for a mostly new lamp. It just sucks. Really frustrating at this point.

For instance, I have 3 red/clear china globes. Two form the store, one from lava world. NONE flow. They blob up and thats it. One I replaced the coil on, lets off 2 blobs. That's it. Crap crap crap!

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Hey, let's remember guys to always respect the opinions of others and not to show contempt and disrespect to anyone!

Peace, Love and LAVA.
Ummm.... All I can say is that Mark must have his hands full! This seemed to be an intelligent conversation, but the planets must be aligned wrong, 'cause it got ugly FAST!
I'd been missing running my goo, haven't been collecting for awhile & decided I'd pop in and check out the forums. I feel like they haven't changed since I left. I'm starting to understand why Jimmy doesn't want to come back, Oozehound is still MIA & where is Weebs?
I'm thrilled to be meeting new members, who have no clue who I am! The ideas & opinions of these interesting people are what MADE the forum fun! Pam, from End Of The Rainbow, was a contributor & supplier to this site, that is why her company is refered. Lava Louie was the first non-LW/LL connection to have a consistant formula, when China globes disapponited us all. Be careful of who you mock, they may have something you need in the near future!

Howdy Vixen
I just started posting again recently as well... (cough) I clearly had absolutely nothing to do with this thread turning ugly though, as I'm sure you can see. (cough). ;O)

What did happen to Jimmy? Anytime I ever checked in he was always here but I read in one of the posts that he left this place.
I think Weebo had a baby w/ Trish... I also haven't seen any of his posts but I remember checking in here maybe a year ago (or longer) and he was still here.

Oozehound has been MIA for years it seems, unless he had been posting when I hadn't been reading.
Well said Brian, fellow Brit gooer!
Cool pic Vix.. nice to see you hear again!
I can't believe I am saying this - but I can't stand defeat. I am going to try and revive this ONE lamp ONE last time. After that, I am getting rid of the ones that don't work and going to find alternative lamps to suite my fancy :)
That's what I use on my lamps. The GE Reveal bulbs. Gets rid of most of the yellow light and allows my lamps colors to truly shine. No pun intended.
I use them too.
Sounds like you really put everything through it's paces. :)

I can now say I have my very first - EMPTY lava globe. I attempted to refill a 96' lamp with distilled water, Epsom salt and surfactant. It went ok. The wax is just not suited for a refill. It does not flow the same and starts to get bubbly. Looked ok for a while. I decided just to dump it.

My days of fiddling with lava lamps are over. If they don't work, they get sold or trashed.
It really is a pain in the ass. I've been working on my purple/clear for a couple days now.

First, I filtered the old fluid a couple times and still came out cloudy. So I made my own. First batch cloudy. Second batch way too much salt. Third batch came out clear but half the wax just floats at the top while the other sits at the bottom doing nothing.

Right now I am trying for the 4th time, empyting the liquid and remelting all the wax together, hope it works. I am at a loss but at the same time I dont want to give up on it either!
I was in the same boat and have done what you have too many times as it is. I did it on my Cranberry and my Raspberry lamp. I gave up on both. I still have the liquid for the Cranberry so it will be as it was - just bleaching it in the sun to remove some color.

As for the Raspberry, it went down the toilet. Was ruined. I am just going to keep my eye out for cheap Craigslist lamps and go from there.
What cap number is raspberry? I dont think I have seen that color before. I want to make a rainbow of clears like I have seen some people do from this site, it looks so cool. It seems finding orange and peach is impossible. I'm doing the same thing and eBay when the right deal comes along.

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