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I might follow in some other footsteps here and give up on lava lamps for a while. Seems like everyone I get - it's junk, I have to filter it, it doesn't flow right or just doesn't flow at all. I have wasted more time and money fixing them, than enjoying them.

I have only 3 or 4 lamps that actually work. 2 are china lamps that I had to fix. One was filtered and one had to have the coil replaced. I have 2 midnight lamps that just work. The others are crap. I have lava lamps in boxes I have never even used - god only knows what they look like and if they work.

I am just really tired of throwing my money away on these things. They are cool and beautiful and all that, but not worth the headache. Either the lamp is china junk, the midnights/older lamps are at the end of their lives or you pay out the arse for a mostly new lamp. It just sucks. Really frustrating at this point.

For instance, I have 3 red/clear china globes. Two form the store, one from lava world. NONE flow. They blob up and thats it. One I replaced the coil on, lets off 2 blobs. That's it. Crap crap crap!

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Nice to see you about! Jimmy's still around, I chat with him on MySpace now & then. I've got an email for Dan & Weebs, gonna try to contact them this week.
I heard this too, then I also hear them say they are expecting nothing new and they are getting rid of them. So who knows as far as my location goes.

I am eager to possibly try out the metallics, if/when they ever come out.
It's not a real color made by LW. It was a purple/red at one point (at least that is what the cap said). However the liquid was crystal clear and the wax was this yummy raspberry color. No more.
Thanks Vix :O)
Good luck getting a hold of them. They were a couple of great guys. I hope Dan got through his school, I remember he was agonozing over some kind of insane math classes he was taking. Ugh.
wrong spot... I replied directly to/under Ultra's post but yet my post ends up in the wrong spot. ?
This board format is odd.
Ultra, maybe I just read you wrong but you do come of kinda attitudish.

Either way, I'm sorry for going all over board and getting crazy with you. :O(
Lots and lots and lots of Chinese companies are now making lamps they all call Lava Lamps. Lots and lots.

I just ordered 3 grandes $60 each delivered to dump and fill with Louie goo. I'm lovin having lots of big clear lamps to watch and take pics of. They are just beautiful.

The Spencer's near me has been trying to get rid of their Lava stock. I'm not sure if that's in preparation for a new wave of lamps (hope so!).

Anyone know when the new LW resin series is coming out? You catch a glimpse of them in a photo in the blog on the LW website and there is a pretty cool evil clown one that sparked my interest...At least I think that's what it is.

If you do decide to get rid of them, I'll take them even if they don't work. I only have one Grand right now and I'm working on it.

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