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This lamp was spotted at a Thrift Store.

Interesting lamp.....not sure what it is.  Anyone familiar with this model?  Who made it?


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Wow, that is really cool! It is like a retro pinhole Astro Baby with dimmer! Did you buy it? I am not familiar with the lamp.

To me it looks sort of like a Mathmos Astro Baby bottle too or a Lava Lite Elegant Enchantress bottle.  The dimmer knob is a butt ugly touch and on the front of the base.  But it's certainly a vintage lamp.  

I did not buy this lamp I just stumbled on to a pic of it, would have bought it though.


Milk!! Haha if the cap was removable I would think about goo kits :D
How much did they want for it? I would have snapped it up. It looks like an export model to me or something produced under licence by Crestworth (1960s)
Might be Australian? Does it say Lockwood anywhere on the base?
I did not get to buy it Modulo so I don't have any more details other than the pic. This was a thrift store in NYC.

The dimmer looks like a home modification.  Looks like they used one of the starlight holes in the base.  If that knob could be replaced with a simple brass stem it would look much better.  Makes me wonder if you can turn it up to 11. 

Yeah Man! It goes up to 11. Some go up to 10 but this one goes one better than 10...............Eleven

but....this one goes to eleven.

Mmm... this one is very interesting guys... the bottle and cap looks like an Astro/mini/baby...

As for the base... I wouldn't touch it with yours !!!   lol lol lol    :DDD 

So bad! LOL

I have reached out to Bryin to see if he knows anything about this one.  If anyone would know about it, Bryin would.

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