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Interesting find at Spencer's (new to me) Anyone else seen these before?

So I got burned by a uber cloudy neon lamp but this find made up for it...

Strolled into a Spencer's last Sunday and I was taken by suprise at what I saw sitting in the among the lamps. The employee asked me if they could help me, I said I was just looking for new lamps and pointed to the red/blue lamp on the shelf and said "like that"...

The store employee casually explained that they had that color around Christmas and sold out and just now got it back. I tend to keep up to date on the new lamps as they are released but I never saw or heard of a red/blue lamp at anytime last year.

Does anyone know about this? Is it a Spencer's exclusive? I can't seem to find any info online.

As for the lamp itself...I'm loving the colors and it flows as good as I've seen China made lamp flow. Overall I'm impressed.  

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Haven't seen a red/blue 52oz since they were US made back in '02.  Please post some pics, I'd love to see it flow.  

Is it clear?

I'll post some good ones tomorrow night, I work graves and I'm off to bed. 

MattMJB0188 said:

Haven't seen a red/blue 52oz since they were US made back in '02.  Please post some pics, I'd love to see it flow.  

Crystal clear...

Autumn said:

Is it clear?

Thanks.  I am actually looking forward to seeing the pics of a 52oz red/blue china.  One of my favorite color combos.  Perhaps yours was made last month with much better quality control.  

I never EVER thought I'd say this, but I'm tempted to visit my local Spencer's. Last time I was there, they had their wall of US LAVA!!

I am curious to see Lava World's progress. Hmmmmmmmm :/

I haunt Spencer's fairly frequently and have NEVER seen this box !

Last time was probably mid to late May so maybe it's time to go back...loks like an ORANGE blue to me!

Charles you need a new computer monitor lol! cause that be red sir lol!

Every time I go to Spencers I end up not finding what I'm looking for or they have nothing worth while lol. I think the last thing I bought from there was the black orange lamp and that was almost 2 years ago? So far the clear views have been the only decent lamp LL has made this year.

I miht need some new eyeballs...nobody else sees that lava  in the pic as orange? I think I have a red/purple its not foggy but its the golf ball fow effect.

BTW I think all of Spencer's 52ozers are now 21.99 instead of 19.99......

Also no ClearViews at Spencer's...just Target? BTW (DooDad went by one of our Targets that relortedly had some in stock and they had zilch)

lol you'd be amazed how many poeple have crappy monitors lol and yes clearview only available at target.

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