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Interesting find at Spencer's (new to me) Anyone else seen these before?

So I got burned by a uber cloudy neon lamp but this find made up for it...

Strolled into a Spencer's last Sunday and I was taken by suprise at what I saw sitting in the among the lamps. The employee asked me if they could help me, I said I was just looking for new lamps and pointed to the red/blue lamp on the shelf and said "like that"...

The store employee casually explained that they had that color around Christmas and sold out and just now got it back. I tend to keep up to date on the new lamps as they are released but I never saw or heard of a red/blue lamp at anytime last year.

Does anyone know about this? Is it a Spencer's exclusive? I can't seem to find any info online.

As for the lamp itself...I'm loving the colors and it flows as good as I've seen China made lamp flow. Overall I'm impressed.  

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The shaded areas do be red, but the brighter areas look blended towards orange (but they still look red to me)

Charles said:

I miht need some new eyeballs...nobody else sees that lava  in the pic as orange? I think I have a red/purple its not foggy but its the golf ball fow effect.

BTW I think all of Spencer's 52ozers are now 21.99 instead of 19.99......

I can see where someone would think this was orange. But I bet it's red. 

Orange/Blue is also very welcomed.  To bad they didn't have that as a color combo in the '90s 32oz series.  

Was expecting pics tonight.  Oh well.  ):

I don't think these snap shots really do the lamp justice in showing off its colors but its a very solid lamp and probably going to be my new favorite just based on the colors alone and I hope everyone can see one of these soon in person. 

If I had to nitpick it would be that the glass globe have less gas bubbles and it be closer to USA made flow. But overall I'm very satisfied with this purchase and hope lava lamp quality only goes up from here. 

The first run, lava was quite translucent and has since become opaque. 

No cloudiness :) 

After about 2+ hours of running

ugh another nice color combo ruined by its globe...

The flow isn't bad but I don't get why they can't make it more runny. Why do these China lamps only produce large blobs and that's it??? Whole point of a lava lamp is to watch different shapes, not the same thing.

I was just at my local spencers found a orange with black wax 52oz looks like they kinda made it for halloween. Is this new or did they make these awhile ago? (liquid is nice and clear)

Ken, I had one of those orange/black lamps.  It was awful.  It wasn't cloudy at all but even when running in a dark room at night it was impossible to see.  The globe was dark even when fully lit.  It was no fun to watch at all.  I ended up giving it away to the bartender at the pub on her birthday. 

What this company needs to do is:  use their '90s lamps as frickin inspiration before they make one more 2012 lamp.  ;)

US production can't come soon enough. :D

yep im kinda thinking the same thing its pluged in and i had to look at it again just to see if the light was on.

Don't waste your money on it, it really sucks.

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