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KB Impex UK Glitter Lamp.... Anyone Know Anything About These????



Hi all!! Got one of these second hand glitter lamps. Its made by a company called KB Impex UK. Its a really nice well made lamp. very similar to the Mathmos Jet. The glitter looks stunning. Pics don't really do it justice...


Does anyone know anything about this British lamp maker? I've never heard of them!!



















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Very interesting. UK spec with double insulated electrics and uk voltage. Seen one similar before but assumed it was china made. A nice lamp.
Hi as far as i know kp is a import company when i worked in the diy market we were selling this they do have a website. I did contact them one on products but they say they only deal with limited compmany. As far as i know all of these lamps are mind in china and shipped over.
Very interesting... Its a nice glitter and seems well built for a potentialy China made product...

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