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Hey Gang:  This is where I'm at with my head.  It has been sitting in the corner of my man room for over a year.


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My base is the same O.D. as the head, therefore it will not allow the head to be inserted into the base. I do not think this to be a problem, do you?
Bohden: Can I use cheesecloth to "filter" the fluid?

If not, where do I buy the pump you talked about? What is this pump?


PS I just fired up 4 old clear/reds that I have in order to see which ones I am going to sacrifice for my head!

I have not heard back from Lava Louie as of this posting.

I’m getting ants in my lava pants.

Well, off to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy that large Pyrex measuring bowl thingy you suggested.

This is all your fault (this is my standard defensive line to my wife as she raises her eyebrow at me….)
When they started to get hot and flowed I turned them off and waited a few minutes then poured them into my large Pyrex holder. I then covered it over to keep out dust or in my case Dogs hair from failing into it.

I hear you on the dog part LOL. I'm confused (what else is new?) Do you pour the remainder of all three globes into the Pyrex? If you do, how can you determine the 2 & 1/4 globe goo portion for the head?
I can't wait to see this project done!!!! I have a table very similar to yours and I modified it to hold a grande underneath. It does look awesome and I think that yours will look even better with a lava head on top!!!! Also, a lava head is HEAVY! This will cause your table to be top-heavy and it will be a tip risk. If you have the grande sitting on the bottom part of the table that should lower the center of gravity and make it less prone to tippage. (Is that a word?) Anyway....just thought I would share my ideas with you.
Do you have a Spencers in your area? If not I am a vendor for LW and I can get some new 52oz globes and have them sent directly to you.
Keep us posted on this project! It is gonna be awesome!
PS Your beagle appears to be in need of a good ear scratching.....would you give him one from me please?
Ahhhh, the Beagle looooooves a good ear scratching. I especially love it when he utters the happiness groans/sounds and becomes a blobbing mush dog!

I have a Giant lamp that I wanted to install through the bottom shelf, however, it does not fit. I might install a clear red Century in stead (I have to see what it is going to look like tomorrow when I get off duty.)

What do you think it would cost for 3 clear red 52-oozers shipped to 10710? I heard that these globes are not as deep and rich in color as the vintage globes. Any thoughts?

The lamp and table will be in a corner that will not be in any traffic pattern, so I'm not worried about it tipping. If I think it to be too top heavy, I will incorporate some lead on the bottom shelf to increase the bottom weight.

Thanks for your offer and kind words. I’m really excited about finishing this project. It has only been a little over a year DOH!

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