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Hey Gang:  This is where I'm at with my head.  It has been sitting in the corner of my man room for over a year.


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My fat dirigi-beagle (think of dirigible.)

Okay the particulars: Table and head purchased @ Pier One. The table was roughed up, so I got it for $99.00, and I got 2 heads for $15 each.

I measured and cut a hole in the center of the table and then made a plywood base (with hole cut in center as well) as so the head will rest inside the table without it falling through as well as allowing the light/heat to travel.

I bought a non-China-made USA Giant that I was going to use as a donor, but now, I am having second thoughts due to the fact that I paid $420 with shipping for it (oh well) and I kind of like it. Where you see it is where I will put the table head.

The pictures of the table do not show that wood design right below the top. It looks really cool. It's like a 4-inch high "fluted" faceplate (if you will) wrapped around all four sides. Now I have to design and build the hidden light source (on a dimmer switch) that will be installed behind said faceplate panels thus camouflaging the light.

That’s where I am at with this project.



How did you do that? I deleted that because the phots where out of order. You, your good you!
I know, thanks. I'm thinking it to be a sin to canibalize it for the head project though.
Love the Derigible beagle :) Lol - cute guy.

Yeah, don't use the giant! Use a goo kit or some china lamps instead.
I know, however, I love the deep red goo it has. Mostly all of my lamps are clear red. I'm open to suggestions.
I have to read your past threads to get the amounts of goo and fluid needed. L.L. might be to most practical way to dothis head. This way, I would not have to buy a pump and do all the work needed in transplanting. How would I go about reaching L.L? Do you think he can make the rd goo nice and dark?
LL is going to give you a blood red look. The only deep rich red wax out there, is from older lava lamps. USA made. China made lamps are going to be translucent as well. Not a rich as the older ones. LL takes some time to darken.

It's your call.
Here Doc, talk to LL or Jonny Magma through their site... http://www.magmatower.com/
Virtually, all of my lamps are 60's and 70's.

You just can't beat that deep crimson red.
This is what I crave.
This is what I want.
This is........Jez, I must very strange to you guys, or just your friendly neighborhood vampire.
Sounds good, thanks.
Hey Bohden/gang: This is where I am at with my head:

Well, I customized a Century base that fits underneath the table out of sight. I made a removable internal shelf (with air/vent holes) that holds up the Century base in place directly under the opening for the lamp.

I have painted both sides of this internal shelf, the under side of the table, and inside the wooden table (where the head will sit) with high heat stove paint. What is the best bulb I can use in this old Century base that will be sufficient for the head without burning down my house? I basically trimmed down about an inch and a half off the height of the Century base in order for it to fit under the table with out seeing it. The bulb will now be little closer to the head base but I should still have pretty good clearance.

I am awaiting a dimmer switch as well as a response from Lava Louie. I told L.L. that you have used the wax out of 2 & ¼ 52-ounce lamps. Is this correct? You wouldn’t have an actual wax and liquid volume measurement on hand would you?

I also had an idea with the Giant lamp. I think I can incorporate this lamp on the bottom section of the head table. Picture the Giant through the bottom shelf (with the base on the floor and the lamp through the center of the bottom shelf.) and the head on top. I will play around with it later.

Would you and or any other Goo Heads have an extra spring or two? I went to Home Desperation yesterday and all they had were some cheap-o Chinese springs that I refused to buy.

I hope Lava Louie comes through and their prices are good. If not, I will sacrifice 2 vintage 52-ounce globes. If you feel that this would not be enough wax, let me know, this way I know I will have to cannibalize a 32-ounce vintage globe for the additional wax as well.

That’s it for now.
Great info, thanks Bohden:

I noticed on one of your heads that you bought the same glass candleholder/ ashtray that I bought to use as the head base. I bought this base because it had squiggly lines molded into the glass rim. I thought that to be good for sealing it with the RTV. I was going to ATV the base to the head with the cup side (of the base) facing up or into the head. Is that how you installed yours?

As always, I thank you for all of your help.

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