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I was futzing around the net tonight and stumbled upon lava lamps twitter page eventhough I don't use twitter lol.

So, what is up with this Lava Insiders club? Anyone know anything further about this and when it will start??

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So, no one knows anything about this OR maybe no one is interested?

Interested, but I haven't heard anything recently

^^ Okay so at least that makes two lol.

I think most of us are not interested. The last time many of us got interested in anything Lava Lite did was when either 1) they said they were going to bring production back to the US (never happened) and 2) the Heritage series grandes. 


I hear ya and totally understand, you never know, maybe something great is in the pipeline. I lean more towards the glitter side honestly.

I did recently snag a nice lava grande at a flea market that I use every few nights. For sure it's not a U.S.made model but once fully warm flows very nicely.

It would be nice for them to bring a line of royale size lamps out as the newer 52oz lamps flow pretty decently and the ones I bought are all crystal clear. One was converted to glitter lol.

If find myself staying away from vintage ebay purchases as the really nice stuff is just to expensive NOT including shipping.

I've been collecting for only a short amount of time, in the grand scheme of things. But I've learned in that short time that almost anything Lava Lite puts out has moderate to severe quality issues. I've bought (and returned) enough lamps to know. But, I'm really picky and a lot of the issues that big me might not bother everyone else. 

The vintage stuff is worth it, IMO. 

And I thought their 50th Anniversary Grande (purple/yellow) was pretty good, too.  

Like Erin, I'm a sucker for a "new" Lava Lite lamp.  And "new" to me is not just a different 20oz or 32oz base design -- good grief, they have really over worked the different bases, haven't they?

I recently bought one of the new Royale lamps from Menard's.  It was discounted, and the alternate OG site had a good review on it.  I should have known better.  :>)  

It drop shipped from Chicago from Home Designs or whatever Lava Lite is calling themselves now.  Pure crap.  A cloudy mess.  They shouldn't have let it out the door.  How can they feel right about drop shipping a lamp that they no longer even sell on their site?  Rather than fool with the return, I glittered it.  

It's expensive, but if I buy new lamps now, they are usually Mathmos lamps.  They still care about quality.

And I love the vintage lamps.  I'm currently restoring several Florence Art lamps that I purchased on Ebay and traded with Chow (Josh).  They are gorgeous.  Pictures coming soon...

You have to be patient, albeit not one of my stronger traits, but Craigslist is a good place to buy vintage US lamps for cheap.  I recently picked up the rarest of the Wizards in great condition -- a red glitter with matching red base and cap for $10.  

Erin said:

I think most of us are not interested. The last time many of us got interested in anything Lava Lite did was when either 1) they said they were going to bring production back to the US (never happened) and 2) the Heritage series grandes. 

Kirk, yes, with regards to the royale I totally new they were a cloudy mess as all the reviews said so but I wanted to buy one to convert to glitter as i thought the size and globe shape would make an interesting glitter Lamp. Can you please post videos of this lamp or at least put up some photos. Let me know if you are interested in selling it one day if at a reasonable price.

I am not an ultra patient person as well and keep an eye on my local craigs and letgo listings but real nice vintage stuff near me is hard to come by, simply because I think in my area, people just throw stuff away as the majority near me are affluent snobby families that DON'T need to sell stuff lol. Also, the majority of older famalies that would have nice vintage stuff have either left the area or unfortunately moved on. Estate sales are getting ultra rare now in my area.

Oh, a funny story, I ordered what was supposed to be a use royale on amazon not more than a week or so ago (friend ordered for me), they showed two units that would be fullfilled by amazon directly, a few days later, I get an email that they can't fullfill the order and the other unit was taken down. I was very pissed as for $45 with free shipping, I thought it would be worth it.

I called lava lamp direct and they checked everywhere for me in their facility even for a used or returned one, nothing is left. Oh well, shit happens I guess.

I'm pretty sure the Royale is toast and won't be produced any longer.

^^ Well, I guess that makes sense based on their original production and the many reports of terrible cloudiness. The size had potential, hence was I was hunting for one.

Another one showed up on amazon for $99. To expensive for me as a little more and I could complete my grande with a kit from you.

Lava Lamp posted this update to their Twitter yesterday, 7/8:


Thanks, I thought i saw somewhere that it's going live at the end of July.

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