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Hi Lava people, 1st post so please be nice!, does anyone know where I can buy some clear lava lamp liquid, not the lava the liquid?, enough to fill a lavalite grande. It has black lava whih is really nie but the liquid is grey so cant see it very well, would look better with clear liquid.
Any help would be great.

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I'm not sure if you can actually buy just the liquid from lavalite. I know of 3 options for you. You can 1 buy lots of xcolor lava and clear liquid 52 oz globes and empty the liquid into your grande it but thats very expensive. 2 go buy a brita water pitcher/filter at wal-mart and filter the liquid that you have in your grande and then put it back in (this works great with clear, colored water it takes some of the color out with each filtering) I wouldn't filter more than once as 2x seems to mess with the flow a bit. Which is what I'm about to do on my clear/cloudy and black grande as it is only about 20-30 dollars. or 3 go to www.gookits.com and buy a quart sized kit when their site becomes fully active and use distilled water as your liquid. Very very clear.

Also the longer that you just run your lamp normally it will begin to slowly clear itself up.

Thats all I've got, hope that helps.
I got a bit excited after i managed to open it then emptied the liquid out and threw it away thinking it was just water. So i might try and get a gookit remedie, I live in the UK so do you think they wil ship here?, Any ideas if mathmos would sell the liquid?
I fixed my foggy Grande with distilled water and some pickling salt from wal-mart.... I poured out the liquid then turned the globe upside down and slowy worked the goo into a metal bowl....I rinsed the globe with hot water untill it was crystal clear. Let it dry then fill the globe about 85% full with distilled water. Take the metal bowl with your lava goo and put it in a big pot (the kind you boil pasta in) put water in the pot set the metal bowl on top turn on medium heat until the wax melts nicely. pour the goo into a plstic cup or a pyrex dish the has a spout and slowly pour the hot wax into the cold water. This will cause the wax to start clumping up but will keep the water from getting cloudy. after you get all the goo in the globe but it backon the stand and turn it on. once it melts it will look like a big blob that wants to rise but it doesnt. Make some seperate water with the pickling salt and then slowly add it to the globe untill you see your goo starting to float. If it stays on top you have to much salt. If it stays on the bottom not enough salt. I used A britta water pitcher to filter just tap water instead of buying distilled water. My Grande is so Clear and flows so Nicely I started to clear all my other globes that way and started to make my own. Hope this helps you out some!
I'm not sure what mathmos sells, I live in the US so I haven't experimented with their stuff yet. Jonny Magma is a member here he is the one to talk to about the gookits and shipping as he manages their business. Hit him up, I'm sure he would be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the goo kits.

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