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Did Lava Lite ever make a lamp with the base and just a bottle cap top? Or did they all have the Aluminum cap?

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you mean a screw on cap?

I should have explained that better.

No, a Lamp without a cap matching the base. No top cap at all other then the one sealing the bottle. A guy with a lamp for sale was saying they had made them this way for about five years. I'm no expert but seems they look really unfinished this way and all the extra " space " in the bottle would then be exposed.

Gwen Williams said:

you mean a screw on cap?

No, that is not true. No cap =  lost cap. LOL They all had tops - either screw on or place on. 

That's what I figured. Still worth $8.00 for the bottle and bottom base I would think. Its a USA made one.

Oh yeah, for $8, sure. I typically won't buy any lamp without the top unless it's a globe I really want. 

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