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I'm so happy hubby and I decided to move the Lava Lounge from the spare room upstairs to the basement!  I'll have about the same amount of wall space for shelving, but it'll be easier to wire the area when we frame up the walls, aaaaand it'll be cooler!  

The "room" will include the outside wall of the basement, an interior wall that separates the Lounge from the utility room, and a bump-out area under the kitchen.  All totaled, I'll have about 25-30 feet of wall space.  We decided not to put a wall down the center of the basement as it would be too confining for me and also block much of the natural convection cooling of the rest of the basement area into the Lounge.  

I don't want a drop-ceiling in there, so have just purchased some tie dyed tapestries to tack up to hide the ductwork, plumbing, etc.  I'll have room for a couple of chairs or a sofa, a table or two, and whatever other stuff I want to have easily accessible. 

The floor will be finished and sealed concrete.   

The question is, what color do I want to paint the walls behind the shelves?  The shelves will be wood that will either be painted light or medium grey or be finished with a light or medium stain.  They'll be a hollow box that will hide the cords and power strips.  If I go with a darker wall color, I'll lose the details on the bases.  Light grey?

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I'd probably do white or a very very light grey as a background.  Any other color is guaranteed to contrast or counteract some of the lava colors.

you can buy those inexpensive white shelving units cheaper than installing shelving with brackets and drill holes to hide the cords. 


it also gives you a hidden area on the back for the mounting of power strips.

And, as an added bonus, screw them together and they will become your room divider or you can line them up on the basement wall and not have to finish the wall off with drywall if you don't want to.


Go for an "Industrial" look and use chrome wire coated shelves and cable tie the cords to hide them.


OH! and you might want a couple of these to keep the vintage theme: LOL


From a fellow member

Add black fabric to the ceiling and a few star projectors of fiber optics sprays made ot look like stars and the place will "ROCK"

I love those egg chairs!  I already have a bunch of tie dyed tapestries for the ceiling.  Right now, the walls are covered with pink foam core insulation boards, so we will be framing and drywalling.  I’m thinking a light grey would be good.  We used that in our house in cheverly and it sold for asking two minutes after we started accepting bids, so it must be a good color!

Claude J said:

From a fellow member

Add black fabric to the ceiling and a few star projectors of fiber optics sprays made ot look like stars and the place will "ROCK"

Gray is pretty neutral and like white, usually never objected to.

If your running new power (A SubPanel I'm sure) then studs would be the way to go

These shelve units do make for a nice room divider too

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