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This a fun thread and something we used to do years ago.

When you see a lava lamp on TV. Name the show/episode/time and what model you saw. 

You will be amazed at how often lava lamps are in our entertainment. 

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Here it is in another shot, now with no cap! Maybe they removed it because it was reflecting the camera or the lighting?

Hi there, forgive me if Ive posted this a few times, still trying to get my head around this site!!!

thought I'd post this for you, it was on television last night


Louisa at North Lodge

The new Toyota Highlander commercial features Muppets with lava lamps in the back seat. LOL

I saw a 20/20 show called "neighbors from hell" they had a gold screw cap century flowing right beside a computer screen they were showing. I wish I could find the clip. I was so shocked to see it!

I dont have a clip but in the movie 2012 Woody Harrenson plays a conspiracy theory nut and in his trailer there is a lava lamp ! lol

Even Darth Vader likes lava lamps when he is at home just chillin.

Saw this lava sighting back in Oct. on an SNL Halloween Special with Will Ferrell and Garth Brooks ;)



I'm surprised no one has mentioned That 70's Show.  Lamps show up various places:  in Foreman's basement one can be seen every so often when they are in the "circle" getting stoned.  There is also one in the background of Donna's bedroom.  I've seen others but I can't recall exactly where.  Sorry, I can't name specific episodes.  If I see any more I'll copy down the episode and location and post it later.  I'm currently Netflix binge-ing through the show, currently on season 7 so I'm almost all the way through the 8 seasons.

Here you go Rich ;)

In "The OC" theres a number of episodes at a disco, where there are serveral lava lite lamps ranges from grandes to classics.. Gonna get some pictures later.. ! 

Hey, wanted to "restart" an older thread. I was just wandering around YouTube when I spotted a Hunter lamp in this video. It's pretty much visible throughout the entire scene.


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