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Hi everybody,
in Europe Mathmos lamps are more popular then Lava ones 'cause theu came from Uk. Do you know if there are any differences in the wax used? I mean, it seems to me that the Mathmos bubbles are more "liquid" then Lavas...

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Thanks Astro, great infos!
I'm new at them. I own a very old Lava I bought in USA several years ago but now I'm going back on them.
(and i bought the fabulous Atlantis...)
I agree entirely. If you buy an old lamp then you expect it may need some renovation, but a new lamp? you expect it to work "as advertised".
If this were any other product and it didn't work from new you would send it back, which I think people should do with the LW lamps if they don't work. Maybe then they will realise they need to do something about it. That said, it looks like Bohdan has done a great job with his, maybe they should give you a job!
The difference between Lava & Mathmos? Well, let's just say it's...

and Lava is...

Pretty much sums it up. :)

YOU HEAR THAT LAVA - Your crap is SHIT! I know you read this forum.
I have three Lava's and the wax does flow nicer than that in my Fluidium. Not sure coz it's my only Mathmos lamp but i thinks it's just the shape- the wax tends to get stuck at the top, possibly because it's the widest bit. But i think Mathmos does makes the nicest looking lamps.
Old Lava Lite > Mathmos

Mathmos > China
How many do they actually have in stock? I got a call from Mathmos last week telling me both the refills I ordered were out of stock and they couldn't guarantee when they would be able to get them to me if I chose to wait. In the end it turned out they had 3 colours they could actually offer me, despite advertising 6.

I'm sure this is only a temporary situation, and it was good of them to phone and tell me, hopefully once they get sorted out we will see some new colors!
Ohhh wouldn't that be nice! I've bought a few Lava products in the last 2 months and nearly ALL of the globes needed fixing. SIGH.
This is supposed to be an exausting answer thread! Thank you all..
(from now when I'll see a Lava lamp I'll run away...) :-)
It would benefit Lava World to have an ordering system where you could pick the lamp shape, the wax color, AND then the liquid color. Ship it so that you add the liquid ~after~ the thing arrives and avoid this whole cloudy business. Furthermore, why aren't ~they~ offering goo and liquid replacement kits. I just think if your customers are having Soooo Many problems with your products... it's a clear indicator that they should make it BETTER.
I bought a brand new Fluidium globe just last year and it's so different from my other Fluidium. Alot of wax floats at the top and it behaves so badly most of the time, on the other hand, my other Fluidium flows so beautifully.

The badly behaved globe is yellow and the nicely behaved one is green. They are both about the same age but they flow so differently...strange!
I bought one of the Blue Rocket lamps from E-bay, the seller is in Fort Wayne Indiana.
Total cost shipped is less than $19. It's a China Lamp produced by a company I've never heard of (Li Wing???).
Cap is excellent and so is the bottle and lava flow. The silver painted base is a little crude but it's a decent lamp for the money. I wasn't expecting a lamp that worked so well and looks well proportioned.

Crystal clear and one of my better flowing lamps. It's about 17 or 18 inches tall, even though the bottle is about the volume of a present LW classic 14.5" lamp.

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