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All lamps in the attached photo I got for $15 total. Picked them up this morning.

The two on left we know are on the older side, how old, I have no clue but I think they are older than the aristocrat I got about a month ago that I posted about.

The 17" model in the middle is marked with a code 10 on the bottle cap.

The two on the right are most likely china models but hey, who knows, they might work well. These have all metal caps and bases, unlike new china junk that has plastic bases and caps like the 5 below lamps.

With regards to the two on the left, can I run them with clear 40watt bulbs as I am short on frosted bulbs.

Also, until I get them running and see what's what, who knows, maybe most don't work well anymore.

I will post videos as I start to play with and run them etc.

Any information on the two on the left would be appreciated.

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Oh I forgot to ask, both of the century lamps have a metal removable ring that sits around the bulb. What is this for?

Yes. You can use clear 40s with the Centuries. The metal ring is used to direct heat up. As far as I know, they began using them in the mid-1990s.
With the globes cold rotate them and look up under the caps thru the globe there might be/should be a date sticker under the caps. Looks like a great score to me, and i bet they all flow great

Alex: great thanks, I was about to run out and get some frosted bulbs from ace hardware. Might still do that to see how it makes the look different but not right away. Also thanks for the info on the metal rings.

Cody: I will check that tomorrow as they are going on in a few minutes lol. Hoping they function like the older aristocrat I got about a month ago. And yes in general a great score. LetGo for me has been a superb source for older lamps. eBay is just not for me for so many reasons.

Keep an eye out for a video or videos.

its the heat shield , something that the newer models neglected to use, thus the long time it take to get the crappy  flow

Looks like the middle one is a silver streak

Nice score

kero48 said:

Oh I forgot to ask, both of the century lamps have a metal removable ring that sits around the bulb. What is this for?

Claude, thanks

By the way, those two lamps on the right are older than I thought, both dated on the bottom 2001. They might be okay, will get those going later as well.

they not so bad

^^ We shall see as they are warming up right now. Build quality is not bad for the two on the right.

Okay, so here is where we stand as of right now.

The black century, wax is totally shot, it's completely molten and sits perfectly level at the base with no movement. If you take the bottle off and move it around, the lava kinda reminds of one of those wave lamps. It moves freely around the bottom like ultra thin fluid and then it settles down perfectly level at the bottom. So, this lamp, the bottle will be cleaned and either converted to glitter and or put away for a future gookit. The base in the mean time will be used for one of my glitter lamps currently be using on a crappy modern base.

Silver century, wax again is totally shot and complete seperated. Molted portion doing nothing at the bottom and huge clump of wax simply floating at the top. Since I am not interested in trying to reincorporate the two portions, same will happen as lamp above.

Silver streak lamp with #10 bottle. verdict is out but kinda half working at the moment, the red wax color is nice, will keep if works, will use for parts if not.

China bullet lamps. Yellow one, wax shot, already cleaned out bottle. These lamps could make for nice glitter lamps so I will convert this to glitter eventually. Red wax model, working nicely right now but not sure if I will keep as lava or convert to glitter as fluid is semi cloudy.

So, there you have it. I assume most of the lamps have been well used which is fine as there is plenty here to keep one way or the other.

How does one remove the caps from these older lamps? Are they simply turn off??

Okay so I found an article here how to take off the cap, a thick rubber oven mit on the carpet and voila off in two seconds. Black century bottle now clean and drying. Then of to the next one.

These bottles are of awesome quality, I must say!

Even For Parts this is a Fantastic Find!!  Congrats!!

Thanks, both bottles (from the century lamps) are sparkly clean now and drying. The bases are being used for my 52oz glitter bottles. I love the old bottles, they are so nice to work with. Nice large openings and the quality is great. Why in the world (other than cost) would lava lamp move away from these?

I would love to gookit both and maybe over the winter I will give it a shot :)

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