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Ok, I've been on here for a few months now and thought it'd be nice to see what everyone looks like (since we'll likely never meet).

Who wants to go first? :)

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Looks like you're havin fun!

Me and Rex working. He's such a baby! I have to watch him around my lava lamps. 

And partying it up! XD

Nice pic!
Thank U!  :)

Nice pic!

Your face looks like you were in a movie - a law/crime docu-thriller! Welcome! 

The force is strong with that one :)

Hey, we have some noobs, so let's get some more face pics in here. :)

I'm gonna say it - Mark is hot. 

Now thats just showing off - hears a better pic of me

Nice to see your face Tim! ;) I love this thread.....

yea I did reply and post a pic up ages ago on this thread but the picture isn't grate and not full size so I decided to sort it out this time.

Erin said:

Nice to see your face Tim! ;) I love this thread.....

Good choice!

Oh you pretty thing....stay your way Tim !

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