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I found 2 new colors for Astro bottles and Astrobaby bottles on the Mathmos store site. Clear/Turquoise and Clear/Pink. They are not at Electric Planet yet, but I sent an e-mail to them asking if they would be stocking them.

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They will be mine, oh yes- they will be mine.
Bit slow there Drew! ;)
Yay!! i've just managed to score myself a new job so will be buying one of these babies very soon!!
good luck creambuns me too got a new job, so im going to treat myself to one of these.
id all wait if i were you. i got mine on Tuesday and its flowing really badly. i emailed mathmos and they said they are having real problems with the first batch and will replace mine when testing is finished!
You may be better holding out for a second batch without teething problems.
Am I? , I have been monitoring most discussions and saw nothing about it?
Thanks for the warning Kai1165 i was just going to order one,i think i will wait now.
The bottles i got the other day are ok, maybe i had the second batch
Ok, I see it now- Not as obvious as my post and no photos either, probably why I "didn't get the memo". Ah well.
My thoughts exactly- but I don't want flow or replacement problems- I doubt Mathmos will cover the obscene shipping charges I will pay to get them here. I may have to wait out this bad batch issue people are having.
I e-mailed ElectricPlanet and they said they would be stocking the new colours, they are just waiting on their estimated time of arrival from Mathmos. Should be soon I am told.
Mathmos said to me that they had to work today to test some a new fluid mix.
I hope this problem will be end soon because i´ve ordered a pink astro baby bottle and a turquoise Astro bottle. Furthermore mathmos said to me it will take some days.

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