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Thanks to Drew for the inspiration, first. :O)

So I took my clear/white 32oz lamp (which was just a transfer from a rainbow globe) fired it up, uncapped it and added 6 drops of yellow food coloring. This is the result. I love it! :O)

I had two different food coloring brands and luckily I tested them on water first:
I have "McCormick" coloring, which turned the water more of an orange/yellow... not what I wanted.

Then I had "Durkee" coloring which was perfect. Very yellow and beautiful. I'm now thinking of adding red coloring to a yellow/clear and trying some other food coloring experiments.

Anyway here's a couple previews and then the rest of the pics are on my page if you're interested.

Oh yeah... and look how ridiculously clear that liquid is. I don't know if all the rainbow globes contain such clear liquid, or maybe I just got lucky. I'll have to get another one for future experiments and hope it's equally clear.

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Thanks. :O) It was fun and so easy.
Great Stuff, I considered adding Red coloring to a Yellow / Clear, but just don't have any spare Yellow /Clears around to try it and also, I find red food coloring the worst to use, it always looks orange. If you wanna know a good trick to use: If you are thinking of coloring a globe that has clear liquid, try to find another lamp in your collection with that same color fluid you are planing to use and just switch them up for a day, to see what it looks like before you do it for good. For instance, I made a Pink Liquid / Blue Lava custom, and if I wanted to I could pour that one into say a Clear / Yellow temporarily just to see what it looks like, if it looks lame, I just switch back, and I haven't wasted anything. I have made some great ones- just remember less is more, the yellow is one thing, but the other food colorings go a long way, I recommend adding only 1 or 2 drops at a time, then running it to see what it looks like before you add more. This I learned the hard way myself.

The combos that came out the best for me were:
1. Green (light) Liquid / Blue #13 Lava - Very Awesome.
2. Green (light) Liquid / Yellow #08 Lava - pretty cool, though somewhat close to #24
3. Yellow Liquid / White Lava - of course as you have already done.
4. Pink (from #04) Liquid / Blue Lava - Very Awesome
5. Yellow Liquid / Blue #13 Lava - Very Awesome
6. Orange Liquid / Black #16 Lava - Very Awesome

Some that were ok or not so great:
1. Red (Orangey food coloring) Liquid / Blue #13 Lava - Came out ok
2. Red (Orangey food coloring) Liquid / Purple #09 Lava - Came out ok
3. Orange Liquid / Red #10 or #02 Lava - Not that special, too similar to Yellow/Red #02
Thanks for all the info Drew. It's a good guide to save and remind me of what to and not to do/use later :O)

I have a couple of yellow clears: One my friend (who owns no other lava) wanted me to get him for his office where he ran it 4 days a week for the ten hours a day he was there. This he did for several years until he switched jobs and gave me the lamp. It worked/still works beautifully! (They don't make em like they used to ;O) )

Anyway, my point is that if I ever figure out which one of my yellow/clears was that extremely used one I'd go ahead and experiment on that one.
I was hoping that by adding the red coloring it would resemble the purple/yellows when flowing (and how they look yellow at the bottom but then turn more orange-ish towards the top... sort of sunset like). Thanks for the red warning though... I'll have to try mine in some water to see if I actually get "red" and not orange.

I love your fluid/lava transfers pics you've posted and I've tried that technique but never had any success. I would switch fluids and then the lamps wouldn't flow at all! And they flowed normally before the switching and I even tried to get them from the same time frame so as not to mix old and new lava and liquid formulas.
I have no clue what the problem was but I'll have to try all that again.

Also, I love some of your color combos... the ones you made and posted pics of look great. I love the idea of the green/yellow, the pink/blue, yellow/blue, orange black (I'd love to do a blue/black too) and that orange/red (which sounds great but unfortunately your review says otherwise) ;O).

So much to try now... I still need to get one of those filter devices first to clear up some cloudy annoyances.
Thanks for the kind words, I will post pics of the rest of my customs soon enough, just to clarify, the ones I made and wasn't that thrilled about were not that bad, I just didn't like them as much as the ones I said were awesome- I have not listed any customs here that I really hated, or even really disliked, they just weren't really all that great- I don't want to discourage you from those just because I wasn't that impressed. Maybe more photos will help, look for them soon.

I never bought a filtering device either, I do not like the idea of the cost- seems like a rip-off to me, I try to clear them by running them, but I have very few cloudy ones anyway.

Definitely be aware of the red food coloring, and also- the sunset effect where it looks one color at the bottom and another at the top is achieved by the "less is more practice" with the coloring, and some of mine that have this effect are the Green/Blue, Yellow/Blue and Green/Yellow.
You're very welcome. :O)
Yeah, I'[d love to see pics of all of your creations when you get em up. The best part about this is that you can first use water to get the right color (w/ the food colorings) so as not to ruin a good lamp w/ too many drops.

The filtering device: Yes, I haven't yet been able to bring myslef to spend the $100 (or whatever it was) on it either: I plan to get it someday, but when you (I) have an extra $100 for something I'd rather buy something pleasurable. I mailnly want the filter to clear my blue/white Grande like Dr. What? did... his looks amazing!!!!
Beautiful! I'm looking to fade my Grande Blue/White this summer, thinking about giving it some color, assuming it clears up! Damned thing has been cloudy since it arrived (Thanks to the ones who sent it, you know who!) and still runs like garbage! So, I figure it could do with a little sun! I'll post about it when it's time!
Hi Zel,
I haven't searched yet but there's gotta be some sorts of good quality food colorings that those cake makers use (you know, like the real expensive wedding cakes that have any color imaginable). But maybe they don't work on clear liquids.
Another topic to research, I guess.
Hi Vix,
Thanks. :O)

I know... my blue/white grande sucks too. It's just totally vile and uselessly cloudy. Did ya see Dr. What's transformation of his though?? Stunning and clear as can be.

I like the fading in the sun idea but if you noticed (or maybe yours is different) the cloudiness appears to be some sort of milky crap that settles to the bottom of the globe. When mine is settled down and not running (I never use it) it's totally clear but when you turn it on and it starts to heat that's when the milky white crap escapes from beneath the lava and clouds the whole lamp up. I don't know if the sun would fix that, but anythings better than that murky lake lookin liquid.
Good luck w/ it whatever you decide to try.
Well, I've put her cloudy ass outside... here's to hoping!

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