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So that's it, I have owned 2 Chinese made Lava Brand lamps in my life, the first one died the same day I got it, and now the second one died last night after a few months, same problem, comes of the coil and then won't stick back to it again, so other than MATHMOS and LAVA LITE AMERICA, Is there any other decent Lava lamp manufacturers out there?

My friend has a generic lava lamp that has no brand name and it has ran flawlessly for 18 years, it just upsets me that a brand name like Lava can be ruined through normal usage and a generic British cheap rip-off lamp can run for years.

Meh, so yeah, recommendations please.

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That is such a shame, I am actually pretty disgusted with lava lite, trying to fix my lava lite 14.5" yellow and blue and I am wondering if it is worth the hassle, a new Telstar might be on the cards.
I was lucky enough to purchase a comparitively vintage Lava World Aristocrat and it is da Bomb! Blue master fluid/white wax..awesome flow, a beautiful lamp with starlight pinholes in the base (Haggarty made quality). If you're real lucky, you could stumble accross one of these babies here in the UK too.

ooops! has chat crashed????????????
Wish Lava Lite could just look at their impressive heritage of fantastic lamps and designs with superb quality to match and start to look to re-creating the good times!
I seen a couple of resin lamps on ebay that are lava lite new designs. I really liked this one -


Any advice?
Boo, that's a shame, I am actually looking for a low priced gift for a housewarming present, looks like they ain't getting a lava lamp. LOL
I used to have the same lamp as my friend, it was a blue/blue combo, I loved it, the bulb blew and I couldn't get a replacement, I chucked it out, remember this is before ebay and I thought lava lamps were lava lamps, how wrong I was.
Thanks for the pics Bohdan, so the formula that was in it wasn't good enough then?

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