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Hello to all the Mathmos fans, I wanted to share what I received today. 2 Mathmos Fluidium never opened since their launch in 2000.

I was shivering while opening the parcel, bubble wrap and then ..... The different pieces of the Fluidium

You can imagine that feeling right ?

It's not like opening a collector one alreaday used before, It was never opened, never used before me ... 19 years after they come alive.

Yesterday was the OPAL one today is the green one

The wax is still cold but I am waiting, I did not know the bulb was blue either.

After so many years of watching the Fluidiums on the net and now open a brand new one is just a strange feeling going through my body, My heart is beating louder and my hands are still shivering.

Maybe I am crazy to feel that feeling don't you think ?

I wanted to share that unboxing with you :)

Hope you will love it as much as I do.

Thank you


Sam from France

OPAL and GREEN are still cloudy, any advices ?


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Oh no! The green is cloudy too?

YES it is !!!!!

So now I think I will need help from you and the team :(


ash-hole! said:

Oh no! The green is cloudy too?

How so?

I think it is while the travel from Ireland to France :(

What should I do ?

THnak you for your help my Lava Friends

This one definitely looks like it was used a lot before you got it 

Sam I am said:

I think it is while the travel from Ireland to France :(

What should I do ?

THnak you for your help my Lava Friends

That's what I think ! what should I do ? open it and put new liquid in it ?

They don't look very new to me Samuel. Are you 100% sure they were not used before?

Nope, that is what she told me and they were shipped from Ireland..... Maybe the travel meke them cloudy ?

Cycle them a few days and see if they clear up

That's what the lady from Ireland told me ...I opened the green one trying to fix it ans it looks like there is less wax than the others ib it

I pour the green Fluidium liquid and do a recipe, like the orange, but I do not want to touche to the opal ...

Thanks a lot for your answers ! I am so lost I wish they will have been ok

I will receive the Yellow one from a French lady, I don't really think she has a Fluidium, for her just a Lava Lamp, I bought it so let's see...


someday I'll find a bargain on Fluidiums and complete the collections

someone has @a dozen of fluidium globes for sale on ebay

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