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Anyone getting one?

Looks cool but quite similer to some of the other production colours

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Its to celebrate the new channel called Blighty, Mathmos will be appearing on the TV series “Made in Britain” I wont be geting one.
Looks kinda tempting. Two of my favorite colors.
Yeah, Green/red looks good. I have a jet in that colour.
Yeah great lamp just bought mine also anyone can buy the bottle if they want.
How limited? Also, anyone know if the blue they show pictures is that deep and rich or is it lighter?
I will try to record Astrobaby and send to anyone who wants it
Hi astrobaby im got sky and is off work that day. I will record the program and upload it to youtube or as a file thanks john.
That would work ToM
A white base would of been better for the patriotic blue red!
hence the red white and blue on our union jack.
yes i argree i think this would be better, we are still waiting for this new lava lamp anyone have any news.
I want a yellow base. That way I can have the SUPERMAN lava lamp :)
Yes, i'd call it 'Astro Polar', to commemorate the achievment of British Polar explortaion. through the years.

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