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Here is what I started with,...

A fellow member was supposed to bring me a near perfect lunar in trade for a Newly Re-Goo'd and Professionally Painted Colossus (with glass table) and some other lamps, assorted lights, etc.

The Lunar was supposed to be the money shot of the transaction.

I ended up with this..

In addition, the nose cone was dented and hand engraved with the most horrid attempt at flames, the socket was fried, no dimmer, cord overheated and badly mangled.

It was amateurly converted to 120VAC.

I was more than Disgruntled and disillusioned over the whole deal, (Especially since it cost me over $300 and pulling a all-nighter to rush the re-goo of the Colossus per his request).

But since the individual had come a long way to do the deal, and I had past dealings, I mistakenly agreed to accept a cash difference from him for the difference in value when he got next paycheck.

The amount did not even come close to what I had to spend to fix this piece of crap. (less than 1/2)

That was over 4/5 months ago.  

He has since apparently and intentionally disappeared, not answering calls or emails

More pics of  the atrocity. 

Who mistreats a coveted lamps like this?

I had planned on having a CAD file made (Which I did for $100) and have a new lower nose cone  replicated, but the cost of having only one CNC machined was prohibitive.

So I used up some of my pre-paid budget for my pearl white custom paint job for my Suburban and this was the result:

(At the cost of $400 to remove all dents, weld up holes, body-filler the whole lamp, prime, paint, clear coat)

Not including the costs to rewire, but thanks to a fellow member across the pond, I saved a lot of time and aggravation.


The good people at Mathmos agreed to send me some Lunar Brit decals, but I'm not holding my breath as they probably thought I was in UK when they offered.

There was no response once i sent my actual address to them.

If anyone has Mathmos decals they are willing to part with, please let me know.

All in all, it is not what I planned for, but the repairs and custom paint made this lamp look amazing..;
Here are some shots of the paint out in the sun.

It is quite stunning when viewed in person under the sun and I look forward to the Suburban being painted this as a basecoat in addition to the custom color/change (flip-flop) metallic clearcoat for the sides and hood scoops overlay.

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wow, this is like night and day...

what a superb job, very impressive!

Thank you!

I thought of chroming just the legs, thus making it like a millennium, but disposable cash is limited right now.

All In All, I'm quite happy with the results and look forward to the Suburban (Er,..2011 Range Rover?) getting painted soon.

really nice work!

Unreal but at the end of the day the lamp came out great!!

Nice restoration work Claude. :)
Perhaps you could hang the Union Flag the right way around for your next pictures?

Tribble, thank you and I intend to

I apologize to everyone it the UK for american ignorance LOL

When that Union Jack comes down, it will be professionally cleaned and reinstalled after we move it to its new home.

We have quite a few lamps to relocate-see pics below

In its current location, I'm going to have to leave it as it is until we take it down or risk tearing it.

It is quite high and not easily accessible to change out..
That is a chesser  (52ini./132cm high), not a dresser that it sits behind, and quite difficult to move.

I had to hire some youngster to help hang it as its too tall for this short ol man.

Also had to use small ladder to install the Lunar.

Tribble said:

Nice restoration work Claude. :)
Perhaps you could hang the Union Flag the right way around for your next pictures?

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