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Which one do you think is better? 

I like them both, and both have pros and cons. 

Lunar looks too bulky on the base, but is has 360 degrees viewing points and costs much more.

iO has a sleek design but framed bottle (thing that can be considered a pro if someone is looking for a sturdy lamp) and costs much less.

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The Lunar is way better. Sturdy, much better design, and a lot more visually stunning than the iO. 

My iO overheats at 4 hrs meaning I have to use a dimmer on it. I am not impressed by the sidebars at all. From viewing the bottle they appear as ridges down the side of the viewing angle. The cap is fiddly to get installed, and the whole lamp is not as sturdy as the Lunar.

All in all if giving the Lunar 10 / 10 I would give the iO 6 / 10. IMO. 

But would I advise getting one? If you cant get a Lunar then yes as it's the only option for a big lamp in the UK at the moment. 

They are currently out of stock anyway. They are taking money but waits of 8 weeks or more for your delivery. So I would wait until Covid 19 is over. 

Hope that helps, J

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