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Hey everyone

So I ordered a Clear/Black bottle yesterday at about half 2 with free delivery and it arrived this morning! Fantastic service once again from Mathmos.

I thought I'd post a couple of pics just in case anyone was curious to see the colour, I think it's great.

(Sorry about the glair)

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love love love it, and i want to order asap! x
It has quite a slow heavy flow and is quite hot. That might not be anything to do with the colour tho, just the mixture.
I have only used it in the base I know fits all bottles. I'll try it in my other 2 tomorrow and let you know. I have a clear/White in the worst base I have at the moment and it fits very snug, strange. Guess it only needs a tine amount of difference and it wont fit.
Stuff almost always comes next day with the free delivery in my experience. I guess you pay the extra for guaranteed next day.

I agree, the colour does look very very deep purple if you look close. I have it running now in sunlight and it looks jet black. I will be interested to see how it looks when the sun goes down tho.

I think its such a great colour, it looks like ink flowing.
i was also thinking that it looked kinda purple but figured it might just be my monitor.
It's great in the day but, I bet it isn't much cop at night. I wouldn't have thought it would let out much light and that's what I personally like about most lava lamp colours, they let out light and light up the wax when the lights are low etc.
It seems indeed to be a rather deep dark purple but I guess in broad day light it might and should made it !
One thing tho I don't understand is that color combo isn't showing on mathmos website, UK or any else one. Is it a custom bottle made on demand ?
proper is it? my ones WOBBLE!! not pleased..
Just to let everyone know LavaWorlds black wax lamps are just heavily dosed with violet. There is no actual black colored wax, even LavaWorlds black waxes will look purple if you look close enough. Jonny Magma (when he was around) had the same problem and said if they did black wax it will simply be heavy doses of violet. There is no actual black colorant.

but what I don't understand is how you manage to get one as Mathmos site doesn't even show them ?
Are you in the UK? The clear/Black bottles are still on sale on the website.

is there one I can get in the US. 

Paul said:

Are you in the UK? The clear/Black bottles are still on sale on the website.

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