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Hey, does anyone have any idea what this lamp is and who makes it?


Love the look, bu tI'm not sure it's worth $50...

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I have been intrigued by it too, I asked the seller who makes it and where they got it, hopefully they will respond.
I agree Kelly. Looks neat, but not worth $50 and it's only going to get higher. Knowing China, it probably IS mercury inside there. Lol.
A cheapish lamp but nonetheless, a lovely design. I would love one of these. A poor rep for the metallic quality though.
That box doesn't look like the one in the auction, plus you are in the U.K. and this is a U.S. lamp. Do you have one of these?

Yep, Big Lots, mine was on sale for $9
i really love these lamps, they're such a nice shape. shame about the lava quality on some of them but i still wish we had them here in england.
OH. MY. GAWD! (No offense meant.)

The price is up over $138 and there are still almost two hours left in the auction!!!!! Someone's getting reallllllly rich off a $10 lamp!
Yeah, I just saw that- retarded, I can order them from England for 24.99 pounds, and even with shipping, it's cheaper, plus they have Blue, Silver and Pink Metallic ones, and the bases look nicer anyway. Wish, I could tell the high bidders, but ebay does not allow this.
Oh my.. $138 dollars for a $10 dollar lamp? EEEK!
OK, I'll sell mine for just half of what the auction ended for! Seriously! I'll even deliver it to your house and do the dishes while I'm there!
That's a lot of money for a 10 dollar lamp. But someone (are you here?) just scored over $3000 worth of lamps for $600.00. Now that is a SCORE!!!
Do they really have them there?

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