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Hey, does anyone have any idea what this lamp is and who makes it?


Love the look, bu tI'm not sure it's worth $50...

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I saw that auction, but most of them were chinese crap. Not even worth $600.00 if I had it to throw away.
Do they really have those right now at Big Lots? Or was that a long time ago?
I went to my local Big Lots and they had none of the Metallic Ones, I only found purple liquid with red lava in a black base. They did have some 4 foot tall floor lamp models (Blue, Yellow) for $40.00, these are the tall and skinny type. I took the chance on one, and the flow is awesome. Might drive to another Big Lots to check if others might have the Metallic Ones.
I called a couple stores and they were vague on the color so I just decided to drive there. I was lucky I guess. I picked up 4 metallics and 1 yellow/blue. All on clearance.
Found 2 Metallics finally after going to 4 Big Lots Stores, 4th time is the charm I guess. 13 bucks each. I saved like $125 on each lamp off the going ebay rate. I am hoping that at least one of them does not have lava that sticks to the glass.
You gonna sell them for huge bucks on ebay now?
I have to pay for the mathmos globes somehow now don't I? :)

I doubt I will get much for them honestly.
I found these on amazon uk is the only place that stock them. As there cheap i buy one and try it. then not all is lost.
I sold one within an hour of posting it. Also have a bid on my second one. Pretty amazing honestly. I am going to take one back as it was a display model. Thought it was ok but it's not flowing which tells me it's burnt up bad. I am keeping one metallic and the blue/yellow one.
It sold with buy it now for $100.00? Holy crap!! Nice work. Talk about a mark up.
Yup. Anything higher was too greedy in my opinion. Besides, I give them 2 choices. Wait it out and bid at $24.99 or if you must have it now, buy it now for $100. So if anyone disagrees - oh well. To each their own :)

They are tested and working as well. I wouldn't send junk either.
I had a display model of one of these lamps. I thought it was good, but it turned out to be dead. Wax was toast. I was going to take it back but I figured what the hell, let me use it.

I removed the top and this kerosene smell comes wafting out. I turn on the exhaust fan in the bathroom immediately. Not sure what the hell kinda chemical I just unleashed but it was dumped in the toilet quickly. I then heated the lamp to melt the wax. It too went down the toilet. After rinsing the bottle with hot water and soap, there was metallic silver residue still left. So I used fingernail polish remover and dumped some in and let it sit. It helped somewhat but it needed some elbow grease. I stuff a huge plastic bag in there and started twirling it with my stirrer. This cleaned the glass of any residue and as I pulled it out, it cleaned the underside of the rim too.

Long story short, I cleaned it, and filled it with a clear/white I had. It was a blue/white but I faded it a year or two ago. Can't remember.

So now I have this wicked cool lamp flowing like perfection! So, if you all have any of these that don't work, ditchem and make new lamps. The cap is similar to the Grandes. They don't have the stopper, it's just a cheap bottle cap type cap. Really cheap. Regular bottle caps will work on these globes. Just need a capper and your set!

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