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I bought this astro from a car boot sale. The lava has a glittery texture but its not like other Metallic Astros I've seen. The lava flow is also different, it seems to take longer to warm up. Anyone got any ideas what vesion this is?




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You say you got it from a boot sale - if it is Mathmos filled then you probably got yourself a fantastic deal.

It looks to me like its a glitterball

I am not too sure if that's correct or not - see what other Goo Heads say

its not a glitterball. they never made them in that colour or in the astro. plus the flow is totally wrong, much too liquid-y.

if the contents are mathmos it could be a purple metallic and the wax has gone weird.

what colour is the lead on the base?

I've added a base view picture from when the bottle is cold.


I'd be amazed if it wasnt an original mathmos filled lamp. It sounds like its probably a faulty metalli or maybe they used the wrong bulb at some point in the past.


The guy I bought it from originally said he thought he had the box but sadly couldnt find it in the car and his partner butted in saying she had thrown it away!

yes looking at the second picture it does look right.

how long had it been running when you took the first picture?

i have not owned a metallic but the silver glitterball does need a little while running before all the silver dispurses and it looks metallic. before it has heated up properly it tends to look a bit grainy and not smooth.

considering where you bought it i would also assume contents are original. people who try to pass off re-fills would be selling on ebay etc. not a car boot.

Thanks for your help, I'll keep cycling/running it and see if it goes any smoother. Its nice to find a different lamp!

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