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I just recently became interested in lava lamps and discovered this community so I thought id add a few pictures of what I've come by in the last few months! The Saturna I found was in horrible shape when I got it- the liquid was so opaque I couldn't see the wax inside. It also had a massive dent on the front which I ended up  partially repairing with the old dry ice/ hair blower trick. I also have a particular fondness for the lantern-styled lava lamps as y'all can probably tell! I'm hooked! 

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Nice lamps ! I'm envious over your Lanterns! 


Love lamterns

someday I'll find a saturna

Great photos and lamps!  You can also post them on your page, under the "My Goo" tab, go to "My Photos".  You can upload photos to your page there.

Coach lamps and Saturna (sigh), maybe someday!

Wow! That Saturna looks a lot better compared to how you described it before. Great start on a collection of vintage lamps. (The Coach Lite is on my Wish List)   

Love the lanterns. They are becoming really rare lately!

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