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Did I mention that it is milky?

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My Mystiques are Mysteriously Making Me Macarena!

My Wizard has no magic.

My goo kit is so gooey.
My Princess was abducted by my Alien in a Starship.
.. that was heading toward a lunar moon in a galactic constellation?

Sir Factant said:
My Princess was abducted by my Alien in a Starship.

My Wizard ain't Gandalf.

My Wizard is a hobbit.


My Wizard has a limp wand.


My Wizard is faking it.


My Wizard was killed by Snape.


☆VixenGypsy☆ said:

My Wizard has no magic.

My wizard's dancing like a lizard!
My milky grande lava lamp is milky, lol
Sir Kempton's Goo Kit does not do it.
Dont make fun of my goo kit because it is messed up, we have top people working on this, why do you think there is area 51? aliens no my goo kit, Soon it will destroy all of human kind and then we will see who is funny. hahahahaha (evil laugh)
My alien lava flows like no one knows!

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