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 I was doing some spring cleaning Today and I found all these extra lava lamp bases and caps that I do not need anymore.


10 Good condition black 32 oz bases with caps - 1 silver

( no bulbs )

$5.00 each + shipping

2 good condition 32 oz colored bases with caps - white and purple

Blue, Orange, and Green caps are metal unlike the others which are plastic.

( no bulbs )

$10.00 each + shipping 

3 never used black light reactive 32 oz colored metal bases and caps with bulbs and boxes. 

( No lava bottles )

$15 each + shipping

If you collect UK lamps then you will recognize these extra caps.

2 black plastic Mathmos Jet caps

1 chrome cap for a Crestworth Nordic or similar style lamp.

2 lids for a Mathmos Telestar - white and chrome - will fit on a 32 oz usa lava bottle.

$5 for all 5 caps + shipping

If I find anything else over the weekend I will add it here  :)

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See PM

Everything has been sold now.

Thanks for your interest!

I will probably have more things available for sale in the future as I slowly downsize my collection.

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