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Hello Everybody

I wanted to buy a goo kit but shipping costs and customs taxes to France are too high, more expensive than the product itself.

So I would like to be able to create my kit myself

I browsed the forum looking for information and I found a lot of tips and tricks, thanks to OG

What I know today about the composition of a kit.

WAX (Chlorinated paraffin and Paraffin from kerosene)

At this time, i don't know where to find it, i will keep for the moment the old wax.

Dye for wax

At this time, found at Goo Kit website, if you have another seller.

Distilled water

Easy to find anywhere.

Dye for Water

If you don't want to have clear fluid, i don't know where to find it


You need propylene glycol or Polyethylene glycol, can someone confirm which one is the right one.

At this time, found on ebay, the both.

Once all the elements together, it is necessary to know the proportions.

According to a document found on OG, here are the proportions, correct me if i'm wrong.

Water 38%  (distilled water)
Wax 36% (Chlorinated paraffin and Paraffin from kerosene)
Surfacant 13% (propylene glycol or Polyethylene glycol)
Kerozene 7% (is it Paraffin from kerosene that are inside wax ?)
Microcrystalline wax 6% (what is it ?)

More surfacant, more big bubble, less surfacant, strange form, alive tower.

When all theses elements will be confirmed, i will begin test  ;-)

Thanks you very much for you help  ;-)

I hope my Lunar will appreciate his new fluid and new color  ;-)

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\Wax 36% (Chlorinated paraffin and Paraffin from kerosene)

Trickystatement there, 

there are actually many formulas, some including  basic unenhanced canning paraffin wax and Tetrachloroethylene (brakeCleen brake and dry cleaning fluid-see attachments)

Surfactant 13% (propylene glycol or Polyethylene glycol)


Surfant is the basis of all soaps and is used to stop sticking to the globe and breaks the surface tension of the lava

too much makes balls, too little makes it stringy goo

Propylene Glycol is the additive to the water (usually @ 60/40-70/30 to modify the specific gravity of the fluid.

Salt sucks.only use in an emergency situation and never sell al lamp with it

Kerozene 7% (is it Paraffin from kerosene that are inside wax ?)
Microcrystalline wax 6% (what is it ?)

STOP these ingredients are from various recipes for goo

Thanks a lot Claude

This is help me to understand how it's build.

To resume, what i will nedd :

Wax : I will keep the old, i will try new wax in the feature.

Distilled Water : 60 or 70 %

To add to water : Propylene Glycol 30 or 40 %

Surfactant to add to water, 40 to 60 ml  : I found "Triton X-100" Octoxynol9 on ebay, is it right product ? We can find lot of polyethylene glycol with various peg, from 400 to 6000 

Next step for me will be to clean my Lunar bottle   ;-)

you can also find propylene glycol and farm supply and veterinarian stores

Not sure about those SURFs

Note: the surf you use has to be clear

Any cloudiness will transfer to the fluid

look for this on eBay: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Solution

This is my new Lunar bottle to be restore, Red Wax and Blue Water and very troubled, like the other ;-) 

I will try MSR filter to clean the fluid because i would like to keep the old ingredient and the feeling of the lamp.

If no success, il will change the fluid.


Filtering fluid was succes, the blue model is perfect now, for the orange, i've broken the bootle, i've saved the wax.

I've broken another old mathmos bootle ans save the wax too.

Non i will use this wax on 4.5 liter bootle so i bought PG and SLS but this product make the fluid trouble !!!! How to usé it ? Is this product right product  ? It's like small tube 

Look the fluid after using a little product.

The SLS should be the form of clear liquid, NOT flakes

Thanks Claude

You mean like Triton X100 product ? 

I'm not familiar with that one

Laurent said:

Thanks Claude

You mean like Triton X100 product ? 

It's surfactant very concentrated.

I will try it.

Just to find the support for the bootle.

I use a clear handsoap

Works just as well as laboratory SLS

The sodium chloride in inactive  and glycerine just help the goo flow

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