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So, hello to everyone here. I just joined a day or so ago. I've been a collector for a long time. Actually, I was a dealer at one time. But, my passion for Lava seems like a lifetime. My collection is all American, and 32 oz., and I still lack some that I hope to acquire as finances allow. I'm also liquidating the inventory that is not part of my personal collection. Just looking to get a fair price on each. Any way, I hope to make some new friends here, but where I live I'm pretty much reclusive these days. Lava love to all!

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Hello and welcome!!! I mite be interested in some things

Hi, and thank you. I'll get a list together today.

Welcome to the GOO!!  Lots of friendly folks here, if you have any questions or comments feel free to enter in.

Thank you so much Keith!

Thank you. I sat and read your entire order thread. What awesome lamps. I'll be looking to order from you

in the near future for sure.

lalalava said:

welcome fellow goohead! lava love right back at ya :D

Oops, sorry. Nice to meet you though :)

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