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Anyone interested in the new Halloween resins?  I'm thinking about ordering a couple cases before Halloween and wondered if anyone wanted to share.  :)

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Why continue to support such a shitty company? Really? I have to say, anyone that continues to buy their crap does NOT get to post how crappy the lamps are - EVER on this site again. I wouldn't buy one - let alone cases of them.
Kelly do you know how much they will be ? Are all 4 available ? I dont care if they work or not I will just swap globes or Gookit them anyway.

I hope they are actually made and released. I want the Psycho Clown!
So far, just the two are available. Not sure how much they'll be resale. I would guess $35 or $40...

I feel the same! Now that I have had some success with the Gookits, who cares what the globe looks like! :)
I might be interested in the reaper one if its not too expensive.
Which 2 are the ones available ?
hey Kelly,
i would definitely be interested in them.
I would like all 4. whenever they are released:)
they look awesome
Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the Jack-O-Bats and Grim Reaper lamps are available. The bad news is that the rest of the holiday resins AND the Starship floorlamp are not going to be produced... :(

The Starship overheats and the rest of the resins are "too heavy."

The two available resins have 32 ounce globes. Don't know what they'll retail for, but if you're interested, PM me and we'll make a deal.
Sorry!! Per LW, they are not going to produce the clown resin... :(
What a bunch of morons. I bet the starships would have been a huge seller.
Let them in!! Let them in NOW!!
Check out http://www.eliminatorlightingdirect.com/ good prices. We'll see if the lamps ship and how they work. I'm trying to be optimistic but the stinging memory of 2 different Grande's with crappy lava flow, color, and cloudy liquid make it hard. I need to get off my butt and Gookit them. When ever you see a lava lamp in the background of a TV show or a movie its almost always a Mathmos.

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