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Saw this on facebook, they didn't do a good job showing this "tricolored hand painted globe" looks like a regular old pink/white. Not sure how I feel about this one either.

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no I dont think so, its just the new line for 2015 they say they are showing off this month.

The glass globe is hand painted?

They are saying the globe is hand painted.  Does that mean that the base and hat are shrink wrapped?  I bet they are.  I hate those shrink wrapped bases!!  I bet same boring china flow too.  The juggling of one lava ball up and one lava ball down and on and on and on......Zzzzzzz

What do you paint on the glass?  It's not clear?

well played sir

added another pic, little better, cant tell if that base is gold or copper.

That's crazy, it's so EXTREME!

I'm excited about the glitter. Too bad it's only in a stupid 20oz, and it's the same shape.. It would be cool in a vintage shape. But, at least it looks more classy and not so tacky. And they brought back actual glitter lamps, which makes me very happy!

According to that sentence, rainbow glitter looks like extreme glitter, meaning it's not actually extreme glitter. Plus, that first lamp apparently has a globe that was painted by a tri-colored hand. Maybe that's why the globe is only one color.

Now, I wonder if the glitter is gonna be like the glitter that is in the Wiz's, or is it going to be that fake looking glitter that just blows around in there like in their tornado lamp???  LIke do you know what I mean?  Is it going to be actual glitter in fluid?  If it is then i'm getting the glitter one....even if it is 20 ounces....but if it's that fake glitter that blows around in there then NO.....

Duh, just noticed it says "Clear Liquid"...haahaaaa

No thanks to any of them. I hate those 20z lamps!

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