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Saw this on facebook, they didn't do a good job showing this "tricolored hand painted globe" looks like a regular old pink/white. Not sure how I feel about this one either.

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I think its to tell us that its authentically made in China, and that the flow is a authentic China flow. 

Is this ALL we get for the 50th? What a disappointment!!! No thanks I'll save my money.

A 52oz was on sale in our local T.K. Max department store  £9.99... the globe(blue/green) was crystal clear and I was tempted.......... but... the aluminium base and cap was so thin (dented) and flimsy it could have been used as tinfoil to roast a bleeding Turkey!!!

I'm with you Rob on the clear/blue or blue/white Grande. BUT it doesn't  look like we are gonna get it.

Rob C said:

But wait...it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity! What, exactly, are they authentically certifying? Plus, any time I read, "Limited Edition," my first question is, "limited to how many?" If they won't say what the limited number is, odds are it ain't that limited. I'd have gladly purchased a Grande with a different color wax (how many times do we have to suggest blue!) and the same old silver base over this.

Excuse my language here, but my 52 oz purple/white replacement sent to me directly from LL sucked ass!!!!!  I had to kit it.  Had that mound with the pee shooter coming out of the top sending up a pea size goo ball at 30 second intervals....WOW, so exciting I wanted to die......NOT!!!!!


Im sorry to say it but I think LL has officially lost it's customer base when it comes to serious lava enthusiasts.....sure, they will continue to get the younger gen and the "I just want one for my dorm room", then when it fails miserably out in the trash it goes, but as for collectors and the like, I pretty much think that they aren't gonna offer anything to keep us opening our wallets to them

Just a fun, friendly little reminder that the heritage line also was supposed to be limited edition, and was supposed to sell out quickly....... And look what they still have for sale.

Ian - yep, that's what prompted my comment. In this context, "limited" is nebulous at best, and it sure isn't making me reach for my wallet.

What do you think about the new 50th anniversary lamp? We're you disappointed like me? I'm just like forget it. For $40 I'll shop on eBay for a usa lamp instead.. No color options either lol. Just purple/yellow

lol I think its safe to save no one likes it, including myself. Its too bad, I for one would love to see a clear/blue grande for whatever reason it is anniversary, heritage or just a new lamp to the line. Just another year of meh from LL. I do like my heritage grande that's about the only decent lamp they've made in the past 2 years.

To anyone interested in getting any of these new lamps, I am trying to determine when they might be available. I personally do not waste my time ordering from Lava Lite as shipping of individual lamps seems to lead to the arrival of a cloudy globe. Screw that. I either need to be able to walk into Spencers and inspect before buying or pick up in person at Lava Lite HQ.

Spoke to Spencers and they don't have any new lamps in and don't expect to get any new lamps in until Christmas. I have reached out to Susan to see if she might be able to clarify availability.

Emailed her the other day, she sent me this...

Not yet…none of the new products are the stores until the beginning of June.


Best regards,


Susan Michaels

Customer Service

Chick at Spencers may have been clueless so I will try another store. Might have to see if Susan would allow me to come and pick up in person as they may have them in their warehouse already. Maybe she will even hook me up with matched numbers for the lamps if they are numbered LE.

Thom said:

Emailed her the other day, she sent me this...

Not yet…none of the new products are the stores until the beginning of June.


Best regards,


Susan Michaels

Customer Service

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