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New Lava Lite Clearviews spotted on Amazon.com

Of course they are all out of stock, but LOOK. NEW STUFF.





Looks like they have made a few changes, including a switch on the lamp and possibly addressing the blinding light that came from where the globe met the base. These look nice! Anyone seen them locally?

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And of course, in typical Lava Lite fashion, there's no news of them elsewhere... on their site, Facebook, etc. LOL

Also looks like they're doing a 14 inch rainbow:


Yuck. I really wish they'd stick with 32oz. and up! And actually, REAL photos of the lamps in action!

Ugh that switch. I wish it matched the black bases.

Oh and I guess it is okay to post this now. These were some of the concept designs that didn't make it.

Ooooh, that I like (the first pic). Too bad that didn't make the cut. They should really let us here at OG vote. ;)

Too bad neon blue is still limited to 20 oz only.

I agree, I'd love to see neon blue in larger sizes.  Not sure what I think about these clearviews. 

On those links to Amazon that Erin posted, it says that the blue and purple are "neon."   The green is just described as having "green wax" and clear liquid.   Hmmmmm 

Oooh, so you have secret LL info? DO TELL! :)

I had a clear/red Clearview and traded it. The light at the seam was too annoying to me. I hope these are an improvement. 

I am interested to see what else they come up with. I'm excited to see something new, but yes, they need to be CLEAR and need to have good flow, otherwise it's the same old, same old. 

Critter said:

I am not a big Clearview fan. I got filled in about this stuff months ago, but would not say anything. LL sees the reintroduced Clearview as one of their new higher end products. There is a bunch more stuff coming this fall, let's hope that it at least flows well, especially if it is just another rehash of earlier lamps like the Clearview, Aristrocrat, and etc.

The lamps look good but with the switch in the base all I can think of is problems when the switch fails. :(

I have a "newer" clearview that I just bought at Target, it is purple base and cap with purple liquid and yellow lava. It has the frosting around the bottom which solves the glare issue perfectly, and it has the lava logo on the clear part like in the pictures. There is no fancy switch on the front, which I am happy about as I think the switch looks weird in the front, it seems out of place and should be hidden. The switch is on the cord like most every other lava lamp. Its also crystal clear and flows nicely.

One thing about it is that the globe is alot differently shaped than older 32oz globes. The older ones are too small for this base, and it is very obvious that they dont fit. Its like the new globe is alot fatter, but that is the only change.

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