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I'm new to the site. I'd like to say thank you to everyone whose contributed to all the great information here. I have 4 52 ounce lamps that I was never happy with. I thought these things are garbage after a few months of use so I put them away after Christmas. I didn't realise they did away with the 32 ounce ones when I went looking for more so I ended up getting these 20 ounce lamps last week. Then I found this site and realised I could probably save the old 4 I had and so I have begun trying to save them. They are cloudy and were overheating so I ordered new frosted bulbs and purchased a couple dimmers from home depot. I've set them up on a timer now for 8 hours a day trying to clear them up. Thanks again everyone for all the great info on here.

If you guys could feel free to give me any advice or if you think the 52 ounce lamps look like lost causes let me know. I WISH I FOUND THIS SITE SOONER! ;)

Overheating 52 ouncers


new copper 20 ounce (not bad for the maiden voyage)

new black chrome 20 ounce

new CLOUDY blue 20 ounce :( I have my work cut out with that one.

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Thanks man, the beatles go well with lava lamps.

here's my other lamp, the last of my 32 ouncers my trusty green and clear. This is probably the best working and most easy to take care of lamp I ever had.

Then a new nice little 20 ounce glitter lamp cause the rubber stopper under my old 32 ounce glitter lamp disintigrated into the globe causing it to overheat and cloud up.

I like to use those with a red glitter lamp behind the guitars to create a cool vibe with lite!

here's some more misc shots

HI and welcome to OG I hope I'm not sounding mean but those lamps look like crap. You should really get some American made lamps.
agreed in the mean time though I thought I'd try to save them instead of throwing money away ya know. They are clearing up each day with the set timer and the dimmer I put on them. I think I might get one of those filters and try my hand at it using all the information I've read from other situations on here.
tonight I made a 15 dollar investment with a pur water filter from Target.

I read someone attempted using one of these and was successful and to be honest I didn't want to spend a ton of money on lamps from China that kinda look like crap. So I started with my new clear 20 ounce China lamp. The water was milk white before I started and it came out like this.

It only lost a slight amount in the transfer which I added distilled water through the filter to the lamp to top off.

Then I did my green lamp. Pretty successful Before and After

Then my red lamp, blue and purple.
here's a pic of the blue before and after.

heres some pics showing what i did with the pur filter. When I was done I ran hot water through the filter for a few minutes and the water started coming out clear again so it seems I'm ready to do more if I need to. It did a nice job for 15 bucks. Thank you to the person that posted this idea first!

They didn't turn out too bad for kinda crappy China lamps to begin with. I'm happy with what I learned tonight if I end going back to more high end American made lamps. Thanks for looking!

thanks man! I'm super happy with them. I was nervous to do it but turned out to be very easy. Target has these Pur's on sale for 14.99. The same ones at walmart were 20.00 if anyones interested in trying this out.

I didn't think it was going to work and when I poured the milk water in and saw at the bottom it looked like a crystal clear spring water was coming out I changed my mind!

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