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ONE of My other expensive hobbies !! Check out my new gaming pc i built

So ive been out of the lava lamp thing for a month or two now as i moved onto my PC..  Finally updated my entire computer..   My case i had was 14 years old, my keyboard a mechanical keyboard from 1996 (old keyboards are the best trust me", got a new mouse, my monitor was 14 years old right when CRT's switched to LCD's this was my 2nd lcd ive ever had lol.   Also since my PC is a gaming pc i watercool the cpu and ive been re-using my watercooling for 17 years since like 2001.  Its an old waterblock i just modded by making brackets to fit on current cpu sockets.  My chair was falling apart and 8 years old as well


Decided it was time to upgrade everything.  My PC hardware was only about 3-4 years old but in gaming terms outdated.

I spent $4700 on everything, the video card is a 1080ti Asus strix which was $820 in its own, cpu is a 2700x AMD Ryzen+ Or Zen 2 not sure what AMD wants to call it because it keep changing names.  X470 Gigabyte Gaming 7 motherboard, 16gb of G.skill Flare X CL14 some of the best memory you can buy.  Ree-used my Power supply since its not outdated.  Also got a new Creative Soundblaster AE 5 sound card

Watercooling is a custom loop with 2 360mm radiators, one on top with 3 120mm fans one in front of the case with 6 120mm fans on it.  2 120mm on the bottom and 1 140mm in the rear.   I Used soft tubing i dont like the hard tubing craze out today "people use hard tubing to make it seem less cluttered but with soft i can remove stuff without draining anything"  I also have 2 450ml reservoirs with Helix coils in them like the residentevil Tvirus blue and green helix tubes in the movies.  My Video card has a thermaltake waterblock on it..  EK Evo Supremacy block for the cpu 

The case is a Thermaltake View 71 all glass door front top, sides case. Monitor is a 27 inch Curved 2560x1440 144hz monitor.  New Gladius 2 Mouse, and a Thermaltake Poseidon Keyboard.  Also bought a Gaming chair too.

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I had an AIO it was thermaltakes AIO, same block and pump as corsairs made by Asetek.. but i returned it and decided to go full on custom..

 Custom costs alot too,, like an AIO 360mm can cost $170 or so..  Custom watercooling for just the cpu with a 360mm radiator is almost double

NIce, Especially like the 2 Helix  reservoirs  and front panel coolers
Never seen either one, always just the top ones

I have an 8 cores=AMD too, but not as quick (3hz)

I need to upgrade the power supply to 1000 Watt though

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