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(Oozing Goo sourced) Mathmos Yellow Blue-Green Astro!!

Had to share pics! This beauty just arrived in the mail via fellow Ooozinggoo member Metallica Fluidium man Trevor (quickly & well packaged, thanks Trevor!). I've wanted a Mathmos in this new, unique colorway since I first found out they were released last year. But of course, being in the USA, getting one was near impossible for me...not having any UK hook ups or personal trips planned. I feel very lucky to have found one available in the states. This being my very first electric mathmos lamp, I wasn't sure what to expect, but was totally blown away...def worth the hassle/cost of purchasing the additional $25 step up transformer. Perfect flow & clarity and takes a little under 2 hours from room temp to full flow. The gravity against the liquefied lava, lack of 5 globs hanging at the bottle top all the time & branching when heating reminds me a lot of 70's USA lamps...except in a different, far-out color! Very nice!! Does anyone know a good source to get the proper clear golf ball 220 volt replacement bulbs?

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Very nice!

Looks nicer in your pics than on their site. 

They ain't nothin' wrong with that!!

very classy lamps and great photography.  A+

Nice Gunner!!!  Enjoy!!!

So sexy!  Sorry I can't help with the bulbs question. 

Slick Astro Gunner!  I remember when Trevor had received that lamp, fell in love with the colors it puts out! I get my Astro bulbs from a seller on ebay. Ordered two bulbs back in April-ish, still on the first one, runs it like a champ!

Select: Oven, 40w and then the qty you want. BAM back to flowin'!

Thanks guys! The pics were just taken by my phone, still don't do the astro or the glitter lamp justice. The colors are even more incredible in-person! Someday I'll have to use a better camera and lighting.
Thank you for the info VOXul!! Will order some asap. Not having a proper backup bulb does make me a bit nervous. And I'd much rather stick to the 220 volt bulb/transformer method.

This is one of my favourite colour combo's Gunner... how could Trevor bear to part with it !!!

Here's mine...http://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/club-tropicana?context=user

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