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I bought a Fog Machine at a garage sale over the weekend.  It came with a 64oz bottle of fog juice which turns out is propylene glycol and triethylene glycol diluted with water.  No idea as to the concentrations.  I threw some into an empty lamp about 50/50 with distilled water (52 oz total)  the flow is very nice and after 4 hours still runs clear and smooth.  Halloween is coming so Walmart or spencer's should have the fog juice available.  Sometimes you can pick it up for a lot less after halloween at a discount.  just thought i would pass it along.  Scott

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Sorry for the tardy reply....My email doesn't seem to pick up the replies anymore...I used it on a China black goo clear fluid (2007). It was one from a resin lamp that stuck to the sides. I also raided a white/ blue (1997) (I have 4 of them) so i could get a black and white motif going side by side. I found that the fog fluid from walmart is propylene glycol, distilled water and triethylene glycol. The kmart fluid is water, di propylene glycol and regular propylene glycol. No idea as to spencers constituents. All have to be non-toxic and all are very cheap. I can also run the black/ clear for 10 hours+ without overheat flow., No more epsom salts or clouding!
yeah, especially some before and afters if you've got em
So to clarify, you empty the water mix from an existing globe, refill with 50/50 fog juice and distilled water, and that's it?
Hi Keith, for a black 32 oz. I poured in enough fog juice to clear the wax by about 1/2". the rest was filtered water from the brita. I let it cook and then tuned it by pouring off water and adding a small amount of fog juice until the flow responded. I have flound that the black wax is a very viscous fluid and not really a wax at all so it's starting density can really mess things up. The white wax required slightly more fog juice to get it to flow nicely. The 52 oz which i first started doing this on is 1970's vintage and that's the nasty wax that took the 50/50 ix to flow. I still have to tweak it You may have to experiment a little to get your lamp to respond. Incidentally I just made a halloween lamp in a 20 oz i got at a G-sale. I added orange food coloring to the black wax/clear fog juice and it holds the color nicely and flows like a dream.. the fog juice is cheap and available this time of year so stock up! I just posted new pics of the lamps after 6 hours of running.
Good to know! We now have a simple water mix to use, we just have to tweak it for individual lamps.
btw, the flow is nice in your lamps
nice and clear!
I was at Walmart today and bought a half gallon of it for $10. I am having good success so far with my 1979 Aztec. Still tweaking it to where I want it. Crystal clear.
Finished it up this morning! Super clear with reflections everywhere like a gookit. I ended up having to use a surfactant to "loosen" the flow up. I used Tone liquid foam hand wash. I added tiny drops that come off the tube when you unscrew the top from the bottle.

I dont have exact measurements for that or how much fog liquid I used. I did start with adding the fog liquid 1/2" above the wax. Then I topped with distilled water until 2" from the top (bottom of plastic bottle cap). From here on out, its finding the perfect mix by adding fog liquid and removing liquid. I also picked up a medicine syringe from Walmart. It fits perfect in the bottle and I also added a cocktail straw to the end of it. This to help direct the liquid onto the sides of the bottle when adding or removing.

I am very happy with the results. Easier, cleaner, and clearer than the salt mix. Thanks Scott for experimenting with this!

Storm, Did you see the ingredients on the bottle? i found that the new batch at walmart was plain old glycerin and water. Scott
I just looked at my bottle and it is indeed just water and glycerin. That might explain why I had to use the soap. I have been trying to get a clear/purple from 1996 to flow the way I want and havent had much luck with the soap on it. Looks like I'll have to find the fog liquid with glycol.

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