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I bought a Fog Machine at a garage sale over the weekend.  It came with a 64oz bottle of fog juice which turns out is propylene glycol and triethylene glycol diluted with water.  No idea as to the concentrations.  I threw some into an empty lamp about 50/50 with distilled water (52 oz total)  the flow is very nice and after 4 hours still runs clear and smooth.  Halloween is coming so Walmart or spencer's should have the fog juice available.  Sometimes you can pick it up for a lot less after halloween at a discount.  just thought i would pass it along.  Scott

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My bottle from walmart says Contents: Water, Glycerin on the back label, bottom left corner. I bought a quart of Target brand fog solution. They also had a bubble solution. The Target fog solution doesnt list its contents but the label has the same warnings and cautions as the walmart. Walmarts is made in USA while the Target is from China. Im going to try the Target brand today on my #9 USA.
Would straight propylene glycol work I wonder? You can buy that on google shops
Does the propolyene glycol act as a surfactant in this case?
I thought that it justs increases the density of the water so the goo can float up, but it seems like it may do both..good question!

three years later from this discussion, how is it working?

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